Ooma installation issues

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Ooma installation issues

Post by Daemoen » Sun Jan 06, 2013 11:09 am

Brought home the ooma yesterday, and since then it has been nothing but headaches (maybe i should have gone with vonage after all).

Got the device connected to the network, it downloaded the latest firmware... and not once has it reached its own service. It has been activated through their website, it *does* have network connectivity, as verified by using it as a router for a second device, and surfing the internet absolutely fine, as well as checking the oomas built in web server.

The only actual issue seems to be reaching *their* service. I have attempted to reboot numerous times, hoping that maybe I would get lucky, at this point it looks like im going to have to start running tcpdump and find out what the heck it is failing to do correctly.

Anyone out there have similar issues, or know off hand if it requires port level forwarding to be enabled to act as a service host?

Current light status:
Ports on back obviously lit up
Ooma Status Indicator is flashing red
Top 3 lights (Volume, Brightness, and Wireless Icon (Dect?) are all solid blue
1/2 Solid Blue
Trash / VM indicator : Off
Bottom 4 (stop, rewind, blah blah): Off

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Re: Ooma installation issues

Post by Daemoen » Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:28 pm

Thunderbird, Thank you. That was the type of information I needed (about the tunnel). The rest of the stuff was already dealt with numerous times over. Right now, I have connection and everything else, but the tunnel is disconnected. Now back to dealing with support.

WOW..... I am almost tempted to return this product. They require you to allow them to have an open vpn tunnel to your network? I definitely know that that was not disclosed, and I do not like that one bit. Good thing I can isolate them 100% away into their own vlan. I still don't know if I trust this product after finding out why the tunnel wouldn't establish. (I block ports incoming, obviously).

Now I get to go relay out my network, and allow them to use 1194 udp for openvpn (which affects me, since I use openvpn for my servers).

I am NOT happy.

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Re: Ooma installation issues

Post by thunderbird » Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:50 pm

If you get the Ooma Telo functioning properly connected after the Router, there is an additional measure that you can take if you are concerned about security.

Norton Internet Security has a function were you can go into Settings>Network>Smart Firewall>Trust Control and block all traffic from/to or between the concerned computers/servers and the Ooma Telo, with a Trust Level setting of Restricted for the Ooma device.

I have used Norton Internet Security in my computers for several years using this setting. The only problem I have is when I wanting to access Ooma Setup, I have to temporarily disable Norton Internet Security Smart Firewall during the time I am accessing Ooma Setup.

Note: Norton Internet Security has to be installed on all of the concerned computer/servers.

Note: It may have happened, but it has never been reported and I have never heard of someone "hacking" through the Ooma Tunnel to a computer's data, with or without extra protection. There are some people that use Ooma devices (Telo & Hub), that have very sophisticated server setups, and as far as I know they have never had or reported problems.

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