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#103748 by Bearabull
Sat Dec 01, 2012 2:35 pm
I have most of my phone jacks hooked up to dsl number, but one room that is the room with my computer has a non dsl line. I ran the dsl line up through the crawl space and have the non dsl line hooked up to my pc so I can fax from it.
How do I make it so both lines with work with the hub? I have a hub at our cottage and brought the scout home, so I have another hub for the home plus I have 2 scouts.
I remember seeing somebody post a diagram a long time ago about doing something at the box where the lines come in, but can't find it anymore. I have had my hub/scouts for probably 2 years now, but have never got around to hooking them up as I had contracts to fulfill.
#103751 by lbmofo
Sat Dec 01, 2012 2:55 pm
Do you still have DSL service?

What do you mean by non DSL line coming into your computer room? Is that a 2nd line from telephone company you used to have and didn't have DSL signal on it? All the walljacks in your house was 1 number along with DSL (so you can hook up DSL modem in any of those jacks and would receive DSL signal?) except 1 jack had a second number?

For most people with DSL, the DSL would come in the house via 1st pair (all the walljacks are wired to) so in order to distribute Oom dialtone, need to have DSL come in the house via 2nd pair (just put 2nd pair on the screw terminals in the NID). Then have DSL modem access the DSL signal via L1+L2 splitter so you don't have to rewire any walljacks. Use 1st pair (default walljack pair) to distribue Ooma dialtone (you can also combine "Wall" port signal so you hook up Scout to any walljack and they would work) viewtopic.php?t=10553#p73638

Of course, if you don't have DSL anymore (maybe just cable internet), then just unplug the modular jacks in the NID and your house wiring would be disconnected from the telephone company; you can safely distribute your Ooma dialtone.
#103754 by Bearabull
Sat Dec 01, 2012 3:21 pm
This is an old house. We originally had one line when we first moved in. Just the kitchen and we ran lines to one bedroom. Later on when my daughter was older, we had a 2nd line installed into her room. Then after my daughter moved out, we went from dial up to dsl, thinking it would work on both numbers. It only worked on the number I gave them which is not the 2nd line. So now, I have modem in BR with dsl and then wireless to computer in 2nd room. 2nd room without the dsl is what is hooked up to my pc so that I can send and receive faxes.
#103775 by lbmofo
Sun Dec 02, 2012 10:03 am
If I am getting you correctly, you have 2 phone lines. Most of your house walljacks are hooked up to phone line #1 with DSL signal (your DSL modem would work plugged into any/most of your house walljacks); your computer room has a jack that has line #2 and no DSL (different number from Line #1).

In this case, here is how I would go about porting both numbers into Ooma.

1st, port line #2 (no DSL line) into Ooma.

Once done, have phone company separate out DSL from line #1. Have them put DSL on your line #2 wiring. This way, your DSL modem would only work plugged into the jack in your computer room. But all your other walljacks would still have dialtone to line #1.

Then, port your line #1 into Ooma.

Once all done, go out to NID, disconnect line #1 wiring from the telephone company. Leave line #2 wiring connected to the telephone company so you can continue to have DSL.

Since you have line #1 wiring disconnected from the telephone company, you can distribute your Ooma dialtone on it. Use a duplex splitter to combine Ooma dialtone from "phone" port and HPNA signal from "wall" port before feeding into a line #1 walljack. Once you do this, all your line #1 walljacks would work with a phone plugged in or a Scout plugged in. Once you have Scouts up and running connected this way, you can decide to make one of your lines private (create a private device using Scout and assign one of your numbers to it) or have both numbers ring all phones.

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