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#102138 by SpockThePain
Thu Oct 25, 2012 9:11 am
My phone number has now been ported.

I am going to plug in the whole home phone wiring. But before doing so, I want to disconnect the wire which goes out of the house, down to the pole on the road. This is about 150 feet of wire which doesn't need to be powered. I also foresee a problem if the phone guy does something with the wiring down at the pole, who knows what.

Does Ooma have an advisory on this?
#102326 by SpockThePain
Sat Oct 27, 2012 1:39 pm
This was painless. The only things on the whole house system are one corded phone, and a Dish Network box. The exterior line has been cut.

On the Dish Network box I added the *99 prefix. I also did the test, which passed but the number isn't in the call log. This makes me think it might not even be using it. I remember the installer told me not to bother with the phone plug because it has an internet connection. It does furnish the Dish Network box with on screen Caller ID, so it is good for that much.

As an aside, then I transferred my phone number this also seems to have cancelled my DSL. This makes sense since I was told to get DSL I have to have a phone number. I'm still calling in on Monday to make sure the billing is stopped.

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