Just bought Telo, and I kindly ask for porting advice

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Just bought Telo, and I kindly ask for porting advice

Post by nabril » Thu Sep 27, 2012 6:57 am

Good morning

I bought the Telo, and it sits at home ready to be installed. However, I must first face ATT.
I asked this a year or more ago, and I humbly ask again in case I can benefit from someone's recent experience and knowledge.

I have ATT DSL Ultra (cant get any faster in my area) tied to my home number, which we want to keep. Naturally, I need to port it to Ooma. As I understand the process, I need to:
1) Open ooma, register, and get an ooma number.
2) Call ATT to request separation of DSL from phone (Standalone DSL they call it or dryline..i think). In same call ask for porting of number to ooma.
3) Pray
4) Pray more

I ask you experts and previous people in my situation:
1) How do I coordinate this so I dont lose internet service at home? I work from home some days, and I need my internet working properly. Sure, I can go maybe 1 day without it, but not much more.
2) I've seen a lot of posts on this, and I remain unclear: Do I connect the ooma router to 1 of the Linksys router's LAN ports(like a pc)? Or does OOMA go BEFORE my Linksys?

Thank you

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Re: Just bought Telo, and I kindly ask for porting advice

Post by TPower » Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:55 pm

I have att dsl and phone when i got my ooma. I called ATT because i heard of problems with porting! I found out I can't drop my ATT phone line without losing MY internet! SO i kept my ATT line, reduced it to bare minimum service and used my ooma number assigned to me has my phone.

I have my Ooma telo hooked up to lan port 2 on my compo modem/router and it works fine.

If you call and you can get DSL without a phone number something called dry loop dsl than you would have Ooma port your number for you.

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