DSL Dry Loop & House Wiring

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DSL Dry Loop & House Wiring

Post by Clemsonu88 » Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:09 am

Hi All,

The dry loop DSL from AT&T is going to my office on the Orange & Orange/White (O/OW) wires. The primary jack in my office uses the O/OW wires & the secondary jack uses the B/BW wires. So the DSL coming from AT&T connects only to my office primary jack via the O/OW wires, & the rest of the house uses the B/BW wires (which aren't connected to DSL or the outside world in any way).
-- I plug the DSL into my gateway & it works perfectly.
-- I plug Ooma into my gateway, and it works perfectly with a phone plugged directly into the Ooma device.
-- I plug the Ooma device into my secondary office jack with B/BW wires connecting to the rest of the house (but not the outside world or DSL line), and I should be able to use all the other jacks as phone jacks connected to Ooma, but it doesn't work. It DID work twice, but now I just get a blank hum when I pick up the phone in a different room.

Do I need to configure the Ooma device differently to do this?
Is my wiring configuration sound?
Can I use both the "Phone" and "Home Network" ports on the Ooma device simultaneously?
Shouldn't what I did be working?

Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

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Re: DSL Dry Loop & House Wiring

Post by murphy » Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:36 am

Connect the Phone port of the Ooma box to your secondary house phone wiring.
The Home port is for connecting a computer.
The Wall port of the Ooma, if it even has one, is not used for anything anymore.
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Re: DSL Dry Loop & House Wiring

Post by Clemsonu88 » Tue Sep 25, 2012 4:36 am

Thanks Murphy. I had tried that and tried it again, but it still didn't work. It was definitely good to know I wasn't screwing up that part of it. :D

For anyone who has the same problem, here's what I had to do. All the Blue wires were connected to each other by twisting them together with a wire cap on top in a junction box in my garage (all the Blue/White wires were connected to each other in the same way).

-- I separated both clusters completely.
-- I then connected the B wire running to my office to the B wire running to the living room & did the same with the BW wires.
** The phone in the living room worked when I plugged the Ooma device into the wall jack in my office.
-- I then added another B & BW wire to their respective cluster.
** It still worked.
-- I added another B & BW pair.
** It stopped working.
-- I set that line aside and then added the rest of the pairs 1 by 1.
** It's still working :D

I don't know what's wrong with that one line or even where it goes, but it was causing problems for the rest, so I left it unattached to anything. If you do it systematically like that, it's really not that frustrating or difficult. Good luck.

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