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#98693 by skoehler
Sun Aug 05, 2012 4:24 pm
Hi, hoping someone might be able to provide some advice.

ADT worked fine, as far as I know, using the telephone line I had hooked up with my cable company, Charter Communications. I then switched to Ooma, and in doing several tests with ADT, they don't receive the signal, and after the first couple tests we tried, the phones didn't have a dial tone for something like 5 or 10 mins.

Upon researching through these and other forums, the common recommendation seems to be to go into programming, and edit setting 40, entering #11 99 #13 (aka *99pause). So here's the steps I took

    Verified after the initial tests that I did with ADT, nothing shows up in my call log on
    Verified hookup. Have phone splitter coming off Ooma unit, with one wire going to fax/printer, and the other going to female part of a female and male special phone jack on the end of a wire going to ADT panel. Verify phone (handset) works fine (I get the Ooma special tone, don't know how to shut that off if it matters).
    Tried to enter programming on ADT panel by entering 6321800. It made a sorta long beep, but a "20" never displayed to let me know I was in programming. Other commands like #40, etc. didn't seem to do anything, so I was convinced I didn't have right installer code.
    Used method to retrieve installer code from sticky FAQ here. After plugging in battery and power to ADT, the unit was in programming mode, and I hit #20 to see installer code, and weirdly it was 6321 which I tried before.
    Looked at 40 which was blank, 41 which was 1877xxxxxxx, and 42 which was blank.
    Hit *40 to edit it, and typed #11 70 #13
    Exited programming by hitting *99
    Called ADT to test, and they had me do silent test by doing <my code>51. We waited like 3 mins, and they received no call.
    I checked call log on and still nothing registered.

I'm not sure what else to try at this point? Am I stuck getting the cell hookup for ADT for another $12/mo.?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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#98695 by murphy
Sun Aug 05, 2012 6:31 pm
The Phone jack of the Ooma box MUST be wired directly to the input connection of the alarm panel and no place else.
The output connection from the panel is used to feed your house phones.

It sounds like you have the Ooma phone port connected to the alarm panel output connection.
That will not work.

The input terminals in the alarm panel are 23 amd 24.
The output terminals in the alarm panel are 21 and 22.

All four of those terminals are normally connected to an RJ31X jack but it will work without the RJ31X.

That said I would never trust my alarm connection to an internet path.
The internet is no where near as reliable as a standard phone line.

I use a Verizon budget land line for my alarm. The budget line has no regional or long distance dialing capability other than for 800 numbers which the called party pays for.
#98724 by skoehler
Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:22 am
Thx murphy. I'm currently pricing out land lines per your recommendation, but so far I think just ATT services my area and they're 21/mo.

In the meantime re: hooking up via Ooma. Just to confirm you're saying the following is wrong:

Ooma has a splitter off back, with one phone cord going directly to fax, and the other side of splitter has cord going directly to the gray y adapter downstairs at end of a cord running to ADT box. The Y has a female and male, so the line from the ooma box goes into the femal, and the phone is plugged into the female side of that Y. Phone works fine in this config, and loses function for 5-10 mins after I run a test with ADT.

So you're saying I need to hook up a direct wire from my ooma to the #21-24 terminals in the box? Which wires would go to which terminals? Where would my phone plug in?

Thanks again in advance for any help.
#98725 by murphy
Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:53 am
See these links for instructions on the installation of an RJ31X jack. ... _guide.pdf

My bill is about $16.70 per month.
$8.13 for the phone line with the rest being taxes and fees.
#98920 by skoehler
Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:04 pm
My ADT system already has an RJ31X Jack. From wire points 21-24 on the panel, there's a brown, gray, green, and red wire that go to a phone plug which plugs into bottom of RJ31X (which is mounted right inside my ADT wire panel). Looking inside the RJ31X, coming off the jack connectors is a white, green, black, yellow, white, and red wire. Of those, 4 are connected to the screws inside the RJ31X and have another 4 wires coming off into a single white sheathed wire coming out of the box. Those color combos (first color is from RJ31X jack, second color is the wire running out of the wire panel): green/black, black, blue, yellow/red, and red/yellow.

That 4 strand wire coming out of box from the RJ31X goes across room and is directly wired/attached to a sort of Y phone plug adapter. From that Y adapter is a female phone port I can plug the phone cord from my Ooma into, and the male port I can hook up to my phone. I assume this Y adapter was meant to work in a way that the line seizure can still take place with the RJ31X. Also note that when I send a test signal, my phones DO cut out, so the line seizure I'm guessing is taking place as expected.

The problem is, Ooma never places or logs a call to the ADT number listed in #41 option in the ADT programming.

Also for the record, I've mostly tested with ADT on the phone, but was told today that I can test hitting <my code>51 and look on ADT website if anything was logged. I tried this test this morning with just my Ooma unit hooked up to the Y adapter from ADT and no phones hooked up. No luck.

Any other ideas?

Hopefully they come out right, but I'm trying to include pictures of the RJ31X and the Y adapter.

The RJ31X:

The Y adapter:
#98924 by murphy
Thu Aug 09, 2012 3:48 pm
Terminals 23 and 24 are the phone line input terminals.
Plug the cable into the RJ31X and then go to the other end of the white cable which I assume is at the Y connection.
You need to trace the wires from the panel to the Y connector.
Whichever wires are connected to terminals 23 and 24 are the wires the Ooma Phone jack is fed to.
I can't tell from the pictures and I have no idea how the Y adapter is wired or why it is even there.
I don't see any house wiring at the Y adapter.

That looks like a cost reduced RJ31X. It should have 8 connections, not 4.
It looks like yellow and black are connected to the top terminals and blue and red are connected to the bottom terminals.
If it's wired correctly the top terminals are the incoming phone line and the bottom terminals are the feed to the house.
Assuming I am correct at the Y adapter the yellow and black wires go to the Ooma Phone jack and the blue and red wires feed all of the phone jacks in your house.
#98926 by skoehler
Thu Aug 09, 2012 4:28 pm
Not sure if any of this makes a difference:

Again remembering there's a female and male phone plug/jack on either end of that Y, and I've had it hooked up so the Ooma wire is plugged into the female side of Y, and the phone plugged into the male side.

I switched the wires on the Y. The Ooma was now plugged into the male side and the phone into the female side. I picked up the phone and got the Ooma dial tone (as I did with wires reversed). I then sent test alarm. The ADT system did not cause line seizure, phone showed ready the whole time and I picked it up a couple times and got an Ooma dial tone.

I then switched the wires on Y back to how I originally had them (Ooma -> female side, phone -> male side). I then sent test alarm. Within a few seconds the phone showed line disconnected. I waited about 10 minutes and line never went back to normal. There was nothing but silence when I picked up phone. I disconnected the Ooma wire, and reconnected, no phone. I disconnected the phone side, plugged back in, and finally phone showed live.

I then performed the same test, wires unchanged. Phone got cut off as expected, and I waited a few mins then disconnected wires at Y in all sorts of different combinations, unable to get phone to go live. Finally some combination of disconnects finally got phone to work after a while.

I then did this test a third time. Phone got cut off. I spent 5 mins trying every way of disconnecting, even amongst them connecting Ooma directly to phone (which got a dial tone), but connecting back to Y got me no dialtone.

None of the tests above registered a call in Ooma's logs.

With all that said, are you telling me my RJ31X was hooked up wrong by the installer? Should I save myself the hassle and hookup my Ooma wire directly to 23 and 24 (if so, which 2 of 4 wires go there?)? And then hook a wire to feed my phone (I just have one cordless phone base downstairs, I don't care about feeding jacks) to 21 & 22? If so, same thing, which 2 of 4 wires do I hook to which terminals? Is the RJ31X required in order to allow line seizure (something I would want)?

Sorry for the million and one questions, and am extremely grateful for your advice!
#98927 by murphy
Thu Aug 09, 2012 4:50 pm
The RJ31X is there so that the panel can be disconnected from the phone line without interrupting phone service.
When you pull the panel plug from the RJ31X the incoming and outgoing lines are connected together.
When the panel plug is connected to the RJ31X that connection is broken and the phone signal is routed through the panel.

Disconnect the wires from 21 through 24 in the panel.
Get a two wire phone cord or use the center two pins of a four wire phone cord and connect to terminals 23 and 24.
Connect the other end of this cord to the Ooma Phone port.

Get a two wire phone cord or use the center two pins of a four wire phone cord and connect to terminals 21 and 22.
Connect the other end of this cord to your cordless phone base.

If you have programming access to the panel, register *40 should be set to [* 9 9 Pause] ie. [ # 1 1 9 9 # 1 3 ]

Is the full phone number in the panel ie, 1-8xx-xxx-xxxx

Is register *47 set to 3?
that is tone dialing and WATS mode.
#98952 by skoehler
Fri Aug 10, 2012 10:05 am
Well, you advice helped me make some progress, but I'm still a bit stuck.

Took a wire, crimped a phone plug on it, and took the middle 2 wires and tied them to 23 and 24. Made another wire and did the same, plugging into phone, and tying middle 2 wires to 21 and 22.

Programmed 40 as *99pause. Tested alarm. FINALLY the call attempts showed up in Ooma's call log, which was not happening before. It made 7 dial attempts according to logs. I checked ADT, and nothing came through,

I then changed 40 to *70pause. Tested alarm. I waited while Ooma completed 8 dial attempts, and then went to look at ADT and noticed the first of the 8 attempts went through to ADT. Thought I was onto something here. Not sure if it's supposed to stop dialing after one success, but at least we see something at ADT.

I then changed 40 to *98pause. Tested alarm. Waited 8 dial attempts, nothing at ADT.

I then blanked out 40. Tested alarm. Waited for it to complete 7 (there wasn't 8) dial attempts, and nothing at ADT.

I go BACK to changing 40 to *70pause. Tested alarm, and I see only one call registered in Ooma log, and the line stays seized with no further attempted callouts. Waited almost 15 mins, and line never unseized. I had to unplug ADT power and battery to, then plug both back in to free it up, at which I got a dial tone on phone. I tried an ADT test again in the same config, and the line seized, and nothing registered on Ooma.

So basically, I have NO clue whats going on, unless one of my plugs are messed up, but I was able to use phone as normal.

I'll continue testing after work, but thought I'd share details so far. At least it was calling out at SOME point.

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