Hook between modem and router.

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Hook between modem and router.

Post by tbeltz » Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:32 pm

I must be doing something wrong but I am unable to get my Ooma unit to work hooking up between the modem and the router. I can hook it up directly connecting to one of my router ports and it works fine. Have read and reread the instructions and it really seems very simple and straight forward. I am not a tecky but neither do I consider myself computer dumb?? I must be missing a step or something. I have hooked it up then rebooted my modem and router and even powered down the Ooma but it just will not come back up. Seems like all the lights are up but the System Status light continues to blink red. My modem comes back up and the router but it acts like it is not passing the internet signal through the Ooma to the router, if that is what it is suppose to do because my computer is also showing no signal and will not go on line. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions or have had this situation before?? Comments appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Hook between modem and router.

Post by lbmofo » Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:35 pm

Given that you have connections correct when Ooma is between modem and router (Ooma's to internet port to modem, and to home network port to router's to modem port), do you have a battery backup for your cable modem? Need to have modem power down completely for new devices to successfully connect to the modem.
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