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#97059 by rocksockdoc
Wed Jun 20, 2012 4:03 pm
I'm brand new to Ooma and it's still not working right after five hours of setup with tier1, tier2, and tier3 support.

My configuration is as follows (--> means wireless, ==> means wired):
WISP AP --> My Rooftop Antenna & Radio ==> Linksys WRT54G Router --> Ooma Telo ==> Telephone

One question that I have for the forums, is why on earth the Ooma help pages say to use 'either' or to get to the ooma configuration page?

How could possibly DNS out to
It's not in the /etc/hosts file.
I'm using the Google DNS servers (e.g., so they wouldn't have it either.

Why on earth does Ooma Support say to use when that can't possibly DNS out to

What (fundamental concept) am I missing?

Here's what I do:
1. On linux, I use the wlan0 wireless adapter for my Internet
2. So, I plug the Ooma Telo into the eth0 wired port on my laptop
3. The other end goes to the Oooma Telo "Home Network" port
4. On Linux, I change the eth0 to the same subnet as the Ooma Telo (sudo ifconfig eth0
5. Then, in Firefox, I visit the Ooma web page (
6. This always fails (see the attached screenshot)
7. Then, in Firefox, I visit the same Ooma web page using
8. This works fine (see screenshots below).

My question:
Q: Why does Ooma Support say to use or when there's no chance in a million years of actually resolving to

I must be missing something fundamental here ...
There is no way is going to resolve to ... so why does Support say to use that URL?
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Of course, does resolve to the Ooma ... so only that URL can possibly work.
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#97060 by rocksockdoc
Wed Jun 20, 2012 4:06 pm
BTW, I added 'this' line to my /etc/hosts file on Linux, and only then would "" resolve to
But my question is HOW could Ooma Support possibly expect to resolve to WITHOUT adding this line to the /etc/hosts file?

$ sudo vi /etc/hosts
#97061 by murphy
Wed Jun 20, 2012 4:08 pm
You are using a DNS service that tries to help you out by fixing your mistakes. depends on there being a no find on the DNS lookup.
Ooma catches that and displays the internal web page.
The first I heard of this was from people using OpenDNS.
They always return a hit no matter what you type.
#97069 by rocksockdoc
Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:42 pm
murphy wrote:Ooma catches that and displays the internal web page. They always return a hit no matter what you type.

Hmmm... OK. I guess. This is a 'special' usage of DNS, I guess.

What you're saying is that, when the computer is wired directly to the Ooma, and when I go to '', the Ooma has its own DNS server (somehow) which returns the web page at

I just tried it on a computer that did NOT have in the hosts file (it was a WinXP machine so the hosts file is C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts).

Here's what happened:
a) I connected the router "To Internet" port to a router output port with a CAT5 ethernet cable;
b) I disconnected the WinXP computer from a router output port & then connected it to the Ooma "Home Network" port;
c) I opened up Firefox on WinXP and opened up three tabs'
d) In the 1st tab, I typed "" ... This said "Server not found";
e) In the 2nd tab, I typed "" ... This said "Server not found";
f) In the 3rd tab, I typed "" ... This brought up the Ooma home.lp page;
g) Interestingly, I reloaded the two tabs that didn't work prior;
h) Guess what? The "" tab now worked!

Go figure!

So, this 'proves' (sort of) that '' resolves to (at least after I already went to; but it also shows that anything other than does not resolve to (at least in my tests).

I consider this interesting ... but for me, I'll just go to and not worry about the inconsistent results using the easier-to-remember "" URL.

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