Cisco VPN kills Ooma Hub connectivity

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Cisco VPN kills Ooma Hub connectivity

Post by rcpandya » Wed Apr 22, 2009 10:41 am


I use Cisco VPN to log into my corporate network from one of my laptops. As soon as activate vpn connection, after a while the Ooma Hub gets disconnected from the Ooma server. I have 'port forwarded' tcp port 443 on my router but that does not seem to fix the problem. Can someone help?

My home network is as follows:

Comcast Cable Modem >> Linksys WRT610BN router >>Ooma Hub

On Linksys router, I have port forwarding enabled on the ip address of the Ooma hub on port 443 (TCP).

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Re: Cisco VPN kills Ooma Hub connectivity

Post by doctormemory » Wed Apr 22, 2009 12:49 pm

if you think the problem is with port forwarding, log back into the router and open up the following range of ports:

from article 261435
Service Ports
ooma uses the following application ports for data and voice traffic:
UDP 1194, UDP 3480, UDP 514, UDP 49000-50000 and TCP 443
static forward them to the ooma ip address and see if it kills the cisco. if it does they both want to use the same ports and now you know for sure what the problem is.
or just read the documentation for the cisco unit if available.

good luck

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