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#95301 by mogulman
Fri Apr 27, 2012 6:02 am
I noticed that in the Ooma Telo configuration, under advanced options.. there is a setting:
Allow access to web interface from INTERNET port

I have the Ooma Telo behind my router with only its Internet port hooked up. I have assigned it a static IP.

If I try to go to it's internet port IP address (192.168.0.xx) with my browser then nothing happens.

I did what some other people suggested in some topics and forwarded port 80. This made things work, but shouldn't that check box alleviate the need for port forwarding?
#95303 by murphy
Fri Apr 27, 2012 6:08 am
The check box only works when the Telo is connected using the wireless adapter.
#95304 by mogulman
Fri Apr 27, 2012 6:20 am

I looked at the latest release notes for firmware. It says they changed the wording to allow for INTERNET port or WIRELESS based on how the device is connected. It doesn't say how its used though.

Maybe its a future feature for the internet port?

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