Telo cripples internet download OR doesn't function at all

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Re: Telo cripples internet download OR doesn't function at all

Post by verbhertz » Tue Mar 13, 2012 6:17 pm

I have done that in the past and my speed was still crippled.

I've followed all the advice in this thread and am back to square one. Blinking red light, Ooma connected to my router, no phone.

It's like my Ooma won't get an IP from my Belkin Router.

FWIW, the other day I reset the Ooma to default settings and just plugged it into a Linksys E1500 at a relatives place and left it there for 30 minutes and it didn't find Ooma service there either. That's the one thing that makes me think it's NOT my router.

Is it possible I have a bad Ooma?

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Re: Telo cripples internet download OR doesn't function at all

Post by FX4 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:50 pm

Yes it is possible. Why don't you try to hard code the IP address into Ooma's WAN port? In the router reserve the address.

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Re: Telo cripples internet download OR doesn't function at all

Post by thunderbird » Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:57 pm

Are you using DSL?

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Re: Telo cripples internet download OR doesn't function at all

Post by EX Bell » Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:06 pm

It's possible that the Telo is faulty, but in your initial post, you wrote that the Telo worked fine when it was Modem>Ooma>Router and that you just had speed issues. Now the Ooma logo is just blinking red and doesn't connect to the internet? If that's correct, then you should contact customer service and get the process started to have your Telo replaced. This may involve going through the Factory reset steps all over again with a level 1 customer service agent before you get to a level 2 tech support agent, so patience will be a necessity to get this handled as smoothly and quickly as possible.

If it weren't for the speed issue, I would say that it's the router. It may still be a contributing factor to other issues such as voice quality. I've been perplexed by these reports of poor results from people with Belkin routers so much that I bought one today to test it for myself. I bought the N600DB, which offers QoS. The N750 is the only other current Belkin router in the F9K11xx series that has QoS available. I experienced no speed issue (although since moving to dry-loop DSL my internet connection is only 6Mb/s anyway), but the performance and firmware of this router are crap. These routers are too expensive for what you get out of them. I also found that when this router is acting as a DHCP server and the Telo is first connected to it, the Telo requires a reboot (unplug for 2 minutes), otherwise it won't ring through to the number you are phoning. If the router has DHCP disabled and you set a static IP and public DNS on the Telo, it will ring through, but there is a delay the first time. This strange behavior is completely related to the Belkin router. When I connect the Telo to my Cisco Linksys router, it doesn't have any of these idiosyncrasies and functions perfectly.

I've made screen shots of the only configuration that gave me half-decent voice quality from this router, but because it's so lacking in basic features that just about every other router on the market has, you are forced to turn off DHCP on the router and setup all your devices with static IP addresses and a public DNS just to get a half decent result from the Telo. What a pain, and not all devices work properly with Static IP addresses. The QoS of this router is also not functioning that well. It limits the speed, but doesn't significantly improve the voice quality. The performance is so poor, I was able to determine that this was an inadequate router in just a few hours of testing. When I plugged my Telo back into my Cisco router, it functioned normally almost instantly and call quality is excellent again.

I'll post a recommended configuration for the two current top level Belkin routers in the interest of helping those that cannot afford a new router, to at least get half decent quality from what they have, but I cannot recommend anyone buy or keep these Belkin routers for use with Ooma. If you can afford $20-$50 for a refurbished router, get a Cisco Linksys WRT160N v3, WRT320N, an E2000 or for the same price I just paid for this Belkin N600DB, you can get a Cisco Linksys E3000 (best router for less than $100).
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