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#93462 by lite1
Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:50 am
My goal is to be able to use additional Panasonic cordless handsets.

Relatively new to Ooma with basic Modem-Telo-Router setup with one phone number and Premier. Panasonic Dect 6.0 (KX-TG6512) base unit plugged into tel port on back of Telo. The Panasonic base unit connects with 4 cordless handsets. No other telephone type devices used e.g. fax.

I have a somewhat older Panasonic cordless phone system. I had hoped that I might use at least one of the cordless phones from this Pana-2 group with the above newer Panasonic, but the Pana-1 will not "mate" with the older cordless phones.

HENCE, I wondered whether I could do the following to be able to support more handsets:
Put splitter in tel port on back of Ooma. Plug base unit of Pana-1, and older base unit of Pana-2 into Telo via this splitter.

FYI: I would not be using cordless phones from Pana-1 and from Pana-2 during the same phone call.
(After reading through some of the steps for connecting Telo to existing house wired tel jacks, I realize that having an extra handset from Pana-2 is just such a minor advantage to me that at this time I don't want to go through what can become some challenges with whole house wiring in an older home.)

Thanks for your suggestions.
#93464 by lite1
Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:08 am
@lbmofo Thanks. I will try that, and I assume that will accomplish what I want. (Later, that takes care of things for me and works as I hoped it might.)
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