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Adding Telo Handset for second line

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:10 pm
by chumly
We recently purchased the Ooma Telo and added 2 telo handsets. We ported our number over and kept the temp number for our second line. I want one handset to ring both lines a and b. and the other handset to ring just line a. right now i went in and set up a personal device on one handset for just line b. but line a doesnt ring on it and i want it too. the second handset just rings line a. any thoughts? even tho under preferences line a is shared. and line b is just for the first handset. hope this isnt confusing..


Re: Adding Telo Handset for second line

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2012 12:49 am
by lbmofo
When u create a personal device, only number(s) assigned to that personal device will ring it. The rest of devices that are not personal are shared and shared numbers will ring all shared devices (if Telo is not personal, the phones connected to the Telo phone port as well). If you want shared numbers to also ring a personal device, you can create a Google Voice account and have it forward calls to your personal number; have your shared number multi-ring your Google Voice number. Some supplemental info on GV behavior: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11561&start=10#p82994

Re: Adding Telo Handset for second line

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2012 11:54 am
by lbmofo
In case one needs help on signing up with Google Voice (free):

You’ll need a Gmail account; get it here: if you don’t have one yet.

Then go here: to get a Google Voice account (login using your Gmail account).

Choose a number for your Google Voice

(If you need to get a number local to you, stop here and come back later if you don’t see a number in your area code or zip code. Google maybe out of numbers in your area but they add numbers often; you just have to check back often if you don’t find numbers in your zip/area code).

Once you are done selecting a number, go to Options (gear icon), Voice settings

In the “Phones” tab, add a phone (to forward your Google Voice calls to)

Google will call the phone you are adding to verify the phone; you'll need to input a 2 digit pin displayed on the screen for the verification.

Click on Edit (the phone you added), click on “Show advanced settings”

If you want to have PIN less access to your Google Voicemail, click on “PIN not required” radio button under "Yes, direct access to voicemail when calling your Google number from this phone?"

Once you've added a phone like above, when you call your Google Voice number, you'll be greeted with "you have no new messages" and then "to place a call, press 2"

To place calls using your Google Voice number, once in your Google Voice voicemail, press 2 and then the 10 digit number + # for US and Canada (free calls); 011 + country code + number + # for international calls (need to load $ into Google Voice account but initial balance is 10 cents).