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#97146 by dcastill
Sun Jun 24, 2012 12:55 pm
Currently my brother has his Ooma set up through a phone system with handsets.. I have tried to set it up as I have mine, through the wall..It was a fail. I have Cat 5 wiring he has the old dual wiring... From the outsideNIC he has a phone wire is it a RJ45? it comes into the house and goes to his kitchen. Originally when he built the house he only had them put in two jacks(kitchen and Master bedroom). Since then he split the jack in the kitchen to have the remaining bedrooms up stairs have jacks. When I set it up as I have in my house whole house , it is dead, Outside in the NIC their are two connections one for DSL line , and the other for Landline which is disconnected. What could be wrong? I had a Split at the phone jack one for DSL and one for OOMA , however whole house dial tone does not work. SUGGESTIONS?
#97185 by dcastill
Mon Jun 25, 2012 4:20 pm
Ok I read the article, to be clear he has two RJ connectors on the box, and I believe green and red wires attached to screws..On one of the RJ connectors it is disconnected, and the other is his DSL and it is connected. TO confirm that, we disconnected it and he lost his internet...Should the Green / red wires be disconnected? Did I read the article correct? Just trying to help him and he is an hour a way so I need to understand very clearly to instruct him...
#97186 by dcastill
Mon Jun 25, 2012 4:32 pm
One more question with the green and red wires attached to the screws, if there are other wires "pushed " back and unconnected is that what we are attaching, If there is no other additional wires as it is not CAT 5, what are the options?
#97187 by dcastill
Mon Jun 25, 2012 5:21 pm
I am slow here looking at that pic there is blue and b/whitr
He has green and red attached.. unused is black and yellow which is yhe quad pair. So does he take the black and yellow and attachnto remaining screws? or remove green & red and attach black yellow?
#97195 by lbmofo
Mon Jun 25, 2012 11:11 pm
Sounds like the old color scheme is at play here.


Disconnecting the plug to the left of the screw terminals would disconnect the phone company from the house wiring so you'd lose internet as you found out.

Unplug the modular plug in the NID. Modem would lose internet.

Take off the red and green wires from the screws, clip the metal leads and let them hang loose and don't connect them to anything.

Strip sleeves of the yellow and black wires to show metal leads so you can attach them to the screw terminals. Yellow to ring (probably red screw), black to tip (proabably green screw).

Plug the modular plug back in at the NID.

The modem should still have no internet because DSL is now coming in the house on the 2nd pair.

Plug a L1, L2, L1+L2 splitter in the walljack by the modem.

Plug the modem into L2 port and you should get internet.

Using phone cord, connect the Ooma's "Phone" port to the L1 port of the splitter.

You should have Ooma dialtone on every other walljack.
#100293 by Crossan
Sat Sep 15, 2012 7:43 am
hi i am a new ooma user. i am one of the many ooma users Cyperchat refers to who has found installing the basic ooma telo and porting one's landline number to be easy and painless. My ooma telo is working fine EXCEPT i can not seem to distribute the ooma dial tone to the other phones in my house. Background: My house wiring was hard wired originally to Verizon but i got them to install a network interface unit. unfortunately it was one of the newest models which is referred to in the very useful long article posted by Cyberchat, the Original How to Distribute VOIP in Your Home or titled something close to that. I have used that article as my technical reference on how to try to get disconnected from Verizon and get ooma dial tone to the other phones in my house but no luck yet. Specifically my network interface unit has the dreaded half ringer mentioned in the article. And it is one of the newer models with no screw terminals on the customer side. instead there are two sets of blue and white wires that are inserted in tabs that one can push up and down on the half ringer module. Per the instructions in the article mentioned above, I have pulled up each of these tabs and carefully spliced the blue and white wired together using the yellow Scotchlok connectors i got at Home Depot using the special pliers for this purpose. i have redone this two more times to ensure i have good connections but no luck. so now i do not have any wires connected from the Telo company side of the unit to the customer access side of the unit that i can see. A couple of weeks ago once my land line number was ported my phones stopped receiving dial tone from Verizon. There is just dead air now. So i think i am completely disconnected from Verizon. The last idea i have is that since all four wires, (2 sets of blue/white pairs) were originally connected by two separate push/pull tabs to the half ringer module as described above, maybe do i need to connect all four wires together in some fashion thru some type of ScotchLok four way connecter? Per the article i just connected the blue and white wires of each tabbed pair together using the standard 2 wire yellow ScotchLok connectors. Does anyone have any ideas? Or should i just bag it and buy a couple of Ooma handsets to get the dial tone other parts of the house? that is more bucks though and my existing phones are working fine if i can just figure out how to get the ooma dial tone to them. Any assistance is appreciated. Bruce
#100303 by lbmofo
Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:41 am
Crossan, seems like your home phone wiring is of these colors:


You do not want to connect the Ring and Tip together.

Seems like you have 2 sets of wires going into the house (and only the 1st pairs were connected to the modules) so simply connect the 2 1st pair rings together and 2 1st pair tips together using butt connectors (blue with white stripe connected to blue with white stripe, white with blue stripe connected to white with blue stripe).
#100306 by Crossan
Sat Sep 15, 2012 10:05 am

Many thanks for your fast response. And it worked! The other two phones in the house now have ooma dial tone and work fine. Thank you! Thank you so much for helping out a non-technie like myself!!!!!!!!!!! Down with Verizon forever!!!!!!!!!


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