Help with whole house wiring and keeping DSL

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Re: Help with whole house wiring and keeping DSL

Post by dude » Sun Feb 05, 2012 6:09 am

rmeden wrote:When I tried this AT&T wouldn't let me keep DSL and required me to move to Uverse. (which is basically the same as DSL, but has it's own pair)

I have been running dry DSL elite since 2005. I wanted and tried to switch to Uverse (internet only) when it first arrived here,but ATT said not unless I bundle. They will now offer it to me, but they can keep it. I had cable brought in with only internet. I have and had directv for the same years ,now they send me flyers if I sign up to Directv they will lower my dsl bill in half. I am paying half the price of my DSL bill for cable and is 42mps faster. Should have made the move a long time ago.

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