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#92301 by bract
Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:42 pm
I have searched this forum and can't quite find the info I need.

I have my ooma running into a standalone phone currently. I am planning on porting the number and disconnecting service with AT&T but I want to keep the DSL service without interruption.

I would like to know how to modify the wiring so my ooma will work with all of the house outlets. I have a one outlet for a currently unconnected second line that I could use for the DSL.

I have attached a photo of my NIB. The cable for the second line is noted.

AT&T NIB with DSL service attached.
DSCF0989aa.jpg (174.98 KiB) Viewed 6303 times

I need to know what to disconnect for the voice like and how to retain the DSL. Any help with specific instructions related to this photo will be greatly appreciated.
#92431 by rmeden
Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:34 am
When I tried this AT&T wouldn't let me keep DSL and required me to move to Uverse. (which is basically the same as DSL, but has it's own pair)

So, AT&T will probably want to give you a new pair... just wire that to the second line and use the second line only for the Uverse modem. No need for any filters.

AT&T will need to dispatch a tech and he can help you route it to the second pair. (I'm not sure if you have a RJ11 connector on line 2)

BTW, even though it wasn't on my calling plan, call forwarding (72#) worked! So I was able to forward my AT&T line to my temporary Ooma # for transparent cut-over (port took 3 days).

#92432 by thunderbird
Wed Feb 01, 2012 7:03 am
Some DSL setups have a DSL splitter/filter in the house. In that case all you have to do is disconnect the house phone line from the DSL splitter that goes to the house phones, leaving the phone line that goes to the modem plugged in. Double check by seeing if you still have Internet. Then connect a phone cord from the Ooma Telo phone port to a wall phne jack and test to make sure you have dial tones in all of your house phones.
#92440 by turbo9
Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:08 pm
Way back when I had DSL, I split the phone line at the demarcation point. I had a DSL scrubber on one line which I fed to the phone network and one line I fed into the back of the DSL modem. But, it was not that simple.

First, I had moved all my phone line termination points off the demarcation point onto a panel (actually, just some RJ45 blocks with all the ports bridged). I also terminated all my phone lines with either RJ12 connectors (on old style phone wire) or RJ45 connectors if the wire was cat 5. RJ12 connectors fit nicely into RJ45 ports.

This panel sat beside my house data network switch.

When I ever renovated a room, or had the opportunity to rewire it, I pulled two cat 5 cables to the room and terminated them with RJ45 ports in the room and RJ45 connectors in the basement. Then, I either plugged the cable into the phone network or data network in the basement as required.

A lot of work, but pretty slick in the end.
#92448 by bract
Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:00 pm
Thanks to all who replied so far.

I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible.

Referring to the photo, can I merely unplug the connector in the NIB and plug in a regular phone line into that vacated outlet that will go directly to my DSL modem? I'm assuming that by unplugging the connector in the NIB, I effectively cut off the AT&T DSL connection I have to line 1 (whole house) and the new wire will connect to a single separate outlet (line 2) which will receive the the DSL signal that once went all of the circuits in the house but now will only go to that one dedicated DSL outlet.

Will that work to disconnect my house wiring properly from AT&T service so I can backfeed my ooma into an existing outlet so it will be distributed to all outlets (except for the dedicated DSL outlet)?

Thanks in advance for any help.
#92451 by murphy
Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:32 pm
The jack is connected to the phone company line.
The plug is connected to your house wiring.
The purpose of the connection is to be able to disconnect your house wiring and connect a phone directly to the phone company line to help isolate where a problem may exist.
#92562 by bract
Sat Feb 04, 2012 11:04 am
to confirm comment by murphy:

Sounds like connecting a different line to the jack will accomplish what I want since disconnecting the plug currently in the jack will disconnect the house wiring from the phone company and the new line will receive the phone company feed.

Did I get that right?


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