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#91932 by tmshinro
Wed Jan 18, 2012 2:34 pm
I have a 1.5 mbs DSL line which is a dry line coming into my NIB. The NIB wiring for voice has been disconnected so the only wiring coming into the house is the DSL line. The DLS is using the Brown/White wires and is connected to the Line 1 terminals of the phone jack I connect the modem to. Testing shows that my download speed is 1.5 mbs with the DSL line plugged into the phone jack.

I have all the wall jacks in the house wired to the Line 1 terminals using the Blue/White wires, except the jack where the DSL line (Brown/White) is wired to the Line 1 terminals. At this jack I have the Blue/White wires connected to the line 2 terminals. The intention was to put a 2 line splitter into the DSL jack so that the DSL line connects to Line 1 and the phone cord out of the Telo is connected to Line 2 so that it connects all the other phone jacks with the Blue/White wiring. This is the advise I got from the phone company technician.

The hook up works (sort of) but I notice that my DSL download speed is cut in half when I connect the splitter to the jack. I suspect this is why I sometimes get distortion of the incoming voice. I'm told that my outgoing voice is clear. I have 6 phones plugged into jacks throughout the house, if that makes a difference.

I've determined that the reduced DSL speed (anywhere from 600 to 800 mps) is causing problems with my internet use and the quality of the phone service is not acceptable. Any help or suggestions on how to maintain my DSL speed and utilize all my house jacks would be greatly appreciated.
#91933 by murphy
Wed Jan 18, 2012 2:41 pm
It sounds like the DSL signal is available on the brown/white wires at every jack in the house. That is a lot of unterminated wire to wreak havoc with the DSL signal.

The DSL signal should go directly to the jack where the DSL modem is located and no place else. If your house is "home run" wired that is easy to accomplish. If your house is "dasiy chain" wired it means running a new wire.
#91935 by tmshinro
Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:30 pm
You are right in that all the home jacks had the Brown/White wire connected to the line 1 terminals because I had voice and DSL over the same line. I removed the Brown/White wire from all the jacks except the one where that connects the DSL to the modem. I just taped up the exposed ends. I replaced the Brown/White wire with the Blue/White wire on the line 1 terminals of all the jacks (except the DSL jack where the Blue/White was connected to the line 2 terminals).

Are you saying I should terminate the Brown/White wire at the DSL jack so it doesn't daisy chain to the rest of the house? The jack that the DSL is connected to is the closest to the NIB.

Why would this present a DLS signal problem only when a splitter is inserted in the jack? If the DSL line is plugged directly into the jack I have no signal/speed problems.

Thanks for your ideas.
#91939 by murphy
Wed Jan 18, 2012 4:45 pm
Try a different L1, L2 splitter. It may have a high resistance short between the two lines.

Disconnect all of that extra unused wire after the first jack.
An explanation requires a knowledge of transmission line theory.
#91968 by tmshinro
Thu Jan 19, 2012 8:28 am
Thanks for the suggestion to disconnect the DSL wiring downstream from the DSL jack. After I did that a test verified that my download speed did not degrade after plugging in the L1, L2 splitter. The quality of the incoming voice on phones connected to my home jacks was crystal clear and there were no delays. Looks like I'm finally where I wanted/needed to be with my Telo. Fingers crossed that things stay that way. THANKS AGAIN!

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