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#91814 by stevenp
Sun Jan 15, 2012 6:29 pm
Current setup: Hub connected to cordless phone 1; Scout connected to cordless phone 2. Each cordless has 2 handsets. Need to get a new cordless phone.

Q: Can I use a 2-line phone, wire the Hub to the Line 1 jack, and Scout to Line 2 jack? I don't see why not; Hub and Scout each supply a separate line to a different phone, so the 2-line phone would see 2 line inputs, one from Hub and one from Scout. But, I searched quite a bit and haven't found any definitive 'OK' for this setup.

If the 2-line phone has a single input jack (dunno if this is the case, don't have it yet!) can I just connect the Phone jacks from Hub and Scout to the single jack with a splitter?

So, will it work? Thx!
#91817 by murphy
Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:19 pm
Yes it will work.
If the phone has a single jack you wil need an L1, L2, L1+L2 splitter to combine the two lines into one jack.
#91819 by murphy
Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:32 pm
stevenp wrote:Thx! It has to be an L1/L2 splitter? (I have regular ones; guess the L1/L2 splits to different pairs of wires, right?)

Right. L1 is on the center pair. L2 is on the outer pair.
Plug the splitter into the phone.
Plug the hub into L1.
Plug the Scout into L2.
There are also splitters available that only have L1 and L2 but not the L1 + L2.
Either will work.

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