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#90953 by esd3104
Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:08 pm
Hi all,

Brand new Ooma user as of today and so far so good.

I have a fairly complex setup and because I have another VOIP provider and ATA device and I want both providers coming in via 1 set of phones I have the phone port of the Ooma Telo connected to the FXO/Line/Wall port of my other service's ATA device. My DECT 6 cordless phones are connected to Line 1 of this other service ATA by way of a cable from Line 1 to a wall jack to put the dial tone into my house wiring.

All was working well previously with another VOIP provider's ATA connected to FXO port and caller ID coming in just fine. That other device was a Cisco/Linksys SPA2102.

I did test with phones connected directly to the Telo and caller ID was received so Caller ID itself is working. The call comes through and rings as expected. Just no caller ID at all - no name/no number the phones just show "Incoming Call"

Anyone any ideas why the Telo doesn't seem to be able to pass the caller ID of inbound calls in this config? Any reason why the Telo handles Caller ID differently that would cause this not to work they same way as before/I had expected?

Thanks in advance.

#90954 by thunderbird
Tue Dec 20, 2011 10:04 pm
Since you tested the Ooma Telo with a regular phone and the caller ID functioned properly, the problem probably is with the other service's ATA device. Check and see if there are any settings that you may adjust in the other service's ATA device?

I noticed that there are different Caller ID Methods: Bellcore(N.Amer,China).....

In noticed some information about the your old Cisco/Linksys SPA2102 at: ... r-spa8000/
#91038 by esd3104
Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:22 am
Well, not having any luck finding a way to config the old ATA's.

If I look for a new ATA to manage this setup through I was thinking of an SPA3102 or Obi110 as good options. Still don't want to buy either of these and find myself back at square one again. ;)

Does anyone have the Ooma Telo phone port connected to the FXO of either an SPA3102 or Obi110 ATA and get the Caller ID passing through correctly?


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