I didn't get a temp phone number

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I didn't get a temp phone number

Post by Frankjake » Fri Dec 09, 2011 4:02 pm

Hi everyone, I'm obviously new to the forum. Just got my new Ooma connect and seems to be working. I'll tell you what I did in hopes it will help with any answers or suggestions anyone has to offer.

First off I connect the Ooma between the cable modem and router as suggested, but then my router wouldn't connect to anything. After playing with that for a long time, I decided to just connect the Ooma into the router, everything connected, and I eventually got the blue Ooma Logo.

I'm having my phone number ported over from Qwest. When I was doing all of this, I never got a temp number. Was I supposed to get one? How can I find out what it is?

Also the directions told me to plug a cord into the WALL jack in back of the Ooma and also plug it into the actual jack in the wall of my house, which I did. Then I plugged my phone into the jack in back of the Ooma labeled PHONE. When I pick up my phone I hear the Ooma dial tone.

now if I am on a call, after about 5 seconds, the Ooma Logo will start flashing red. As soon as I hang up the call, it will go back to solid blue. So I really not sure if my Ooma is working or not.

If they would have given me a temp number, shouldn't I have been able to NOT connect a cable from the wall in my house to the jack labeled wall on back of the Ooma? Then the temp number should have just worked, right?

Also, my friend who suggested I buy the Ooma, has had his for a long time. Once he got his number ported over, he plugged in a cable the back of the Ooma jack labeled "wall" and then into the jack actually in his wall which made all the jack in his house "hot" or usable. is this no longer available with Ooma. Someone in another post on the forum, said the new Ooma maching doesn't even have a wall jack in the back. So how would I make all my jack in my house usable?

I hope I didnt' ask too many questions in one post. Thanks for any suggestions or advice.

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Re: I didn't get a temp phone number

Post by lbmofo » Fri Dec 09, 2011 4:25 pm

Welcome to Ooma.

I think you setup your Ooma device in "landline integration" mode which means you need to feed your existing service dialtone to the "wall" port of Ooma for it to work. In this mode, all incoming calls and outgoing local calls including toll free & 911 go through your existing service. Only toll calls go out via the Ooma network. If you want to get a temp number assigned and disconnect the phone cord between the wall jack and your Ooma's "wall" port, you'd need to call Ooma customer service to change that configuration since you are already setup in "landline integration" mode. Most of us don't recommend "landline integration" mode because there are some issues with it such as no incoming callerid in some cases.

Once your number port is done, you can feed Ooma's "phone" port to your walljack so all walljacks in your house have Ooma dialtone but you only do this after you physically disconnect your house wiring from the telephone company outside your house by the NIB (otherwise, you may damage your Ooma device). Here is the thread for your reading pleasure: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6853
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Re: I didn't get a temp phone number

Post by Frankjake » Fri Dec 09, 2011 4:33 pm

Thank you very much for that info. I did notice that I was not getting caller ID on my actual telephone, it just shows "unknown caller". I'll give support a call and see if I can change my configuration until my number gets ported over.

In the meantime, do I have to use Ooma voicemail. My current telephone is a panasonic, has 1 base with a wireless handset and then 4 other wireless handsets. I have them scattered thoughout the house. It nice to be able to pick up any of the handsets and listen to the message left by a caller.

So far (this is the first day with Ooma), when someone calls, my phone will not pick up at all, the Ooma always answers no matter how I set the number of rings. But then it does show on my wireless handsets that there is a voicemail, but I haven't figured out how to get it from a handset. Right now I've been pushing the play button on the Ooma box. If I press the voicemail button on my handset, I get a message on the screen saying to call the phone company for my access number. I'll ask support for this when I call them. Thanks again.

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