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#90234 by bixatx
Sat Dec 03, 2011 9:49 am
I have just purchased and installed Ooma, and have submitted a porting request. This seems like a simple question, but I'll ask it anyway. I'm assuming that most keep their existing phone/landline in use while waiting for the port process. I don't intend to give out the temporary Ooma phone number to anyone, so in effect, Ooma will not be useful to me until the number ports. Fortunately I had an extra phone that I can plug into the Ooma Telo, to verify functionality for the time being.

Is this generally how most have handled this while waiting for the port?
#90244 by HikernMass
Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:06 pm
" Porting" this is what happens as I was in the same situation as you.
When the porting is requested Oonma states that it may take 3 weeks or so.
Trust me you will have it in 5 days or so. If not sooner pending no problems.
When you port, and if it is a Virizone account after your tel. number, there is 4 didgits and you will see this on your bill, Be sure to include them on your porting info.
What I did is I kept my phone pluged into the land line and I checked every day of 4-5 days(don't remember) When it was disconnected I knew It was ported. Obviously I tested it to be sure.
The main Number Omma gave you when you activated your account will be replaced by your ported number.
I hope this helps
#90259 by lbmofo
Sat Dec 03, 2011 5:41 pm
bixatx wrote:Is this generally how most have handled this while waiting for the port?

Some people setup their system with Ooma from the get go; connect all phones to Ooma. This is if you have "call forwarding" feature with existing service. Outgoing calls will show the temp number before port is done but incoming would still come to the temp Ooma number.
#90262 by rmeden
Sat Dec 03, 2011 8:10 pm
I did what lbmofo did....

Hooked up Ooma and all phones as the final setup with a temp number.

Before I removed my last landline phone, I forwarded the calls to the Ooma temp number. (I didn't think I had call forwarding, but tried it, and I did!)

At that point, it didn't matter what number a person called, they always rang the Ooma. Only side effect was outbound Ooma calls had the temp number caller-id. Afer running for a few days, I initiated the port.

When the porting completed, I rebooted the Ooma box and it took the official number. I needed to contact support to remove the temp number (new number became a secondary number) and change my My Ooma login. The port email said this would happen automatically, but it didn't. I'm still not using the secondary number, but it's available when I want it.

WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) was very high. Seamless, zero outage.

#90269 by bixatx
Sun Dec 04, 2011 7:42 am
Thanks for all the replies. I think I'll just keep my setup as is, since I've got the two phone sets working. Looks like my projected port time is pretty short too.

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