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#90028 by sae1050
Mon Nov 28, 2011 1:13 pm
I just activated and installed my device and had an interesting occurrence that I didn't find explained elsewhere on the board so I thought I would post. I installed one Telo for each of my two phone lines. I was having all sorts of difficulties getting both lines to work at the same time. I was swapping different kinds of phone wire. Eventually I realized (assuming I am correct) what the problem was, having nothing to do with having two lines. I am currently connected with a cable-modem. I am waiting for my numbers to be ported. Customer service had assured me that I did not need to wait until porting was completed to use my Telo device. Once connected, someone could call me on either of the two phone numbers (my regular number, or the temporary Ooma number). The problem I have encountered is that when I make a call (I don't know about receiving) the call works fine until about ten seconds into the call when I hear the loud off the hook tone and operator message that one gets when the phone has been left off the hook. I think what is happening is that the cable-modem system doesn't realize a call went through, so even though I am connected with Ooma, I get the disconnect message from the other system--interesting! I have my Ooma device in a room without a phone so the Ooma is plugged directly into a wall jack. I wonder if the problem would resolve if the Ooma was plugged into a phone first. In any case, for me, I'm content to leave the Ooma disconnected and wait until the porting process is complete. I was curious more than anything else.
#90029 by lbmofo
Mon Nov 28, 2011 1:22 pm
Do you mean you have 2 Ooma devices (1 for each of your 2 numbers?) How do you have your Ooma device connected (do you have Telo connected to the router or the modem)? Are you in landline integration mode (using your current number; feeding current number's dialtone to the "wall" port of Ooma)?
#90032 by sae1050
Mon Nov 28, 2011 1:36 pm
Thank you for your response. I created some confusion with my talk of two devices. I originally thought that had something to do with the problem but later realized that it happened even with just one of the devices hooked up so the problem occurs with only one device active. The Telo is connected to the Router (Apple Airport Extreme) using the ethernet cable, and the phone line goes between the phone jack on the Telo and the wall jack. I don't know if I am in landline integration mode. I believe that when I pick up the phone, I am getting a dialtone for both my Ooma temporary number and my Charter cable current number.
#90041 by lbmofo
Mon Nov 28, 2011 3:40 pm
If your walljack has cable phone dialtone, you don't want to connect Ooma's "phone" port to your walljack. This may damage your Ooma device and your cable phone device.

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