Telo DMZ issue

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Telo DMZ issue

Post by rmeden » Wed Oct 26, 2011 12:20 pm

I installed a Telo last week and am running version 49339.

It is installed DSL (PPPOE) -> Telo -> Router -> LAN

The Telo works fine.
Outbound internet from the LAN works fine.
DMZ is not working.

Strage Thing 1:
I connected to and the "Home Network" page showed a IP for the Telo, but a 172.16.32.x network for the DHCP configuration! My router obtained a IP via DHCP in spite of the displayed DHCP subnet. A DHCP release/renew returned the same 0.52 IP!

I then set the DHCP and DMZ to the proper 172.16.0.x range, rebooted the Telo and Router and everything looks reasonable now, but the DMZ still isn't working.

Strange Thing 2: -> Status "To INTERNET port" reports "Disconnected". Ooma and network work fine, and Status/ports shows my correct IP.

So, does anyone have DMZ working on a Telo? Is the "TO Internet" just a bug?

Telo firmware version is 49339.

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Re: Telo DMZ issue

Post by thunderbird » Wed Oct 26, 2011 1:01 pm

When you connected your Ooma Telo, did you go into Ooma Setup Internet page and select PPoE by clicking on the down arrow, in the blank following Connection Tpye: ? Then under PPPoE Options, did you enter the DSL Username and Password?

Normally the Ooma Telo Home network IP Address is
The Netmask:
The DHCP Configuration: is
Start Address:
End Address is

When the DSL Username and Password settings contained in your router or in your computer, for the DSL Internet connection is used, it will sometimes change the Ooma Setup settings, and will not report an Internet connection. If you don’t mind, there is nothing wrong with this type of connection.

Or you could do a factory reset of the Ooma Telo and enter the Connection type, Username and password in the Ooma Setup Internet page. To make sure it works properly, after the Factory reset is accomplished, temporarily disconnect the Router from the Ooma Telo Home port. The red Ooma symbol will probably be flashing until you enter the Connection type, Username and password, Save, and do a restart of the Ooma Telo. (I’ve added the Ooma Telo factory reset to the bottom of this page.)

When the connection is Modem-Ooma-Router, if you want to put your Router’s IP address in the Ooma Telo’s Home Network DMZ, you first have to limit the DHCP range to one IP number, so that the Router will always receive the same IP address from the Ooma Telo Home Network. Example Start Address and End Address. Than that IP number,, is the number that you enter into the Ooma Telo Home Network DMZ. After the number is entered, click on Update. Reboot your Ooma Telo.

Ooma Telo Factory Reset:
Dial *#*#099 on the phone attached to Telo to issue a factory reset.
A recording will come on the line and ask if you really want to do a factory reset. Press 1 for yes, and press 2 or hang up for no. After pressing 1, you will hear a busy signal. After hanging up, the number 1 light stays lit yellow on the face of the Ooma Telo. After a short period of time, only the number 1 & 2 lights remain lit blue. Then after more time, the Ooma Telo goes into the boot sequence, and comes back on line. If you are using an Ooma Wi-Fi dongle, you have to access Ooma Setup and rescan for the Wi-Fi network before a Wi-Fi connection can be made. The same is true for DSL, if you have to enter Connection type PPoE and a Name and Password for the Internet provider connection. You will have to reset MAC address to Use Built In, reset your Quality of Service Upstream/Downstream Internet Speed settings, and Bluetooth settings if you are using Ooma’s USB Bluetooth dongle.

Sometimes the *#*#099 command has to be issued three or four times, before the factory reset sequence starts and is completed.

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Re: Telo DMZ issue

Post by rmeden » Fri Oct 28, 2011 8:52 am


My cable modem came in and started working so I migrated the Ooma to that, and both issues are resolved (DMZ and status page)

Before I went Modem->Ooma->Router I was Modem-Router-Ooma (DHCP), so there could have been some bogus values somewhere. I suspect the factory reset would have fixed it, but the cable modem finally got in (and working)

So I'm good.. thanks for the support!

Number port was put in today, Ooma voice has been solid. My ReplayTV modem (*99) takes a few tries to update the guide data, but it is getting done.


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