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#87346 by huxley
Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:40 am
I'm trying to dump my land line and testing around with my OOMA to see if everything will work before I switch over.
So far I have an issue with incoming DTMF tones when I call my Ooma. Here is my setup and I wanted to see if someone has a fix for this.
I have an SPA 3000 set up that I can dial in from my cell phone using my landline. once in there my spa picks up and transfers my call to a voip account that is set up for europe and I can call any number as if I would be in europe. Also i have a number with that account and people there call me under that number and my SPA transfers this call using the landline I had/ soon to be Ooma to call my cell. Everything worked fine the way I set it up. Now I switched landline to ooma and it will not work. I receive calls from europe but I can not call out. I cannot call once i'm connected with my SPA and switched over to voip. I get the signal that the voip line is ready but as soon as i hit a number it hangs up, so there is an issue with the DTMF recognition on my spa.
If I test it and pick up the call on the ooma and hit any numbers on my cell I hear a doubled DTMF tone, so ooma must use a different protocol that the standard landline. the spa is pretty flexible and can be adjusted in 1000 of ways but without a pointer in the right direction this is like finding a needle in a hay stack. wish ooma would make it easier with the incoming dtmf tones. by the way it's the newer ooma tele
#96933 by sergey
Tue Jun 12, 2012 7:05 pm
I have exactly the same issue. I am trying to use Ooma Telo in combination with Sipura spa3102. But DTMF dial tones do not go through - telo doubles each tone signal.
I bought ooma yesterday so I confirm that this is still an issue.

huxley, any luck with fixing it or finding workaround?

I tried to chat with ooma support and also sent them email but they redirected me to call their support number during their business hours :(

Does anybody know solution to this problem?

P.S. To reproduce simply call your ooma telo from other phone (I used iPhone), pickup ooma's phone, then try to dial some numbers on other phone's keypad while listening ooma's phone sounds - you will hear each tone doubled.

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