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#87605 by thunderbird
Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:26 am
bkamin wrote:Thunderbird, thanks for responding. One other question -- my iMac only has one ethernet port. What would be the effect of using a splitter on each end (one at the computer and one at the Telo)? If this would work...which Telo port should be used?

Again, thanks

Did you get your Ooma device up and running again?

The Home port. The Internet or Network port always goes to the Modem or LAN port of a Router.

The Ooma device's Home port can act as a DHCP Router. I don't know about a splitter, but but you could connect a network cable from the Ooma device's Home port, to a Switch, then plug in your computers, etc. to the verious open Switch ports.

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