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#86277 by bobbixler
Mon Aug 22, 2011 3:18 pm
Can I continue to use the same physical line for DSL and Ooma output voice to telephone? My Telo is a long distance from the phone but very close to my gateway (modem/router). I will be porting soon and would like to not run an additional line from the Telo to the phone. Currently the phone is hooked up on a branch of the voice/DSL (to gateway) line. I have plenty of DSL filters to use if necessary. It would be nice not to run a second line from the Telo to the phone. Thanks for your help.
#86281 by lbmofo
Mon Aug 22, 2011 3:55 pm
If your NIB looks like the one in the thread I am going to post (only 1 set of blue, white/blue wires connected to the screw terminals), then just follow what I wrote in the post.

If more than 1 set, all the wires have to be connected together (blue with blue, white/blue with white/blue, orange with orange, white/orange with white/orange) whether on the screw terminals or off. If off screw terminals, need to use butt connectors. 2 wire butt connectors: ... ogId=10053 3 wire butt connectors: ... ogId=10053

#86527 by tmustelier
Tue Aug 30, 2011 5:19 am
I now have dry loop ATT DSL. My line has been ported and my phone line has bees cut off but I am confused regarding disconnecting the phone line.

I have a very old house. My outside box has one connection with two screws where everything is connected. There is a phone company blue wire and a blue/white wire each connected to one of the screws. Then on the inside house line, the green and the red wires are connected one each onto those same screws.

The phone company line has an orange and a orange/white wire that are not connected to anything and the house line has a yellow and a black wire that are not connected to anything.

There is another set of two screws below the one with all the connections that have nothing connected to them at all.

I am totally confused and have not found the answer in the forums.

Am I supposed to connect the orange and orange and white wires to the second, lower set of screws?

What do I connect from the inside line to that?

How exactly do I disconnect the phone line from the phone company so I do not destroy my equipment?
#86528 by murphy
Tue Aug 30, 2011 7:34 am
The red and green wires are line 1 in your house.
The yellow and black wires are line 2 in your house.
The easiest way to do your setup is to disconnect the red and green wires and tape them so they don't short to anything,
Connect the yellow and black wires to the points that the red and green wires were connected to.
You can now feed the Ooma phone port to line 1 in your house.
At the jack in your house where the DSL modem is located you have two options.
1. Get a 2 line adapter and plug it into the house wall jack. The DSL modem is connected to line 2 and line 1 is available for Telo use. The adapter looks like this: ... =427095385


2. Rewire the house wall jack so that the yellow and black wires feed line 1 of the jack. You don't have to buy anything but you now have a non-standard jack in the house.

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