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#84068 by jason8612
Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:54 pm
I picked up the Telo and so far I like it. Iwanted to replace my vonage and this seems good.

I have a bit of a complex setup that I would like to do, and was wondering if it is possible

first off, I'm porting my Vonage number to GV (Vonage-Tmobile-GV) as that will allow me to make use of the timed do not disturb, some call forwarding, and other features. From what I can see, ooma can conect with GV, which is nice. Are there any issues with it?

I want to add another number to ooma which wil ring to a dedicated headset. This would replace my brother's vonage that he uses, thus bringing down the costs. What would I need to do that? Just a telo headset?
If I wanted to use the telo base station, can I have my GV number ring just to that and not to his telo headset?

What if I wanted to add the bluetooth? can I have it just do everything only from the telo and not telo headset?

What I want to do is to create 2 seperate lines, which ring to 2 seperate devices, not overlapping, that way I can get rid of 2 vonages and replace it with 1 ooma system? How many lines would I need? From what I understand, I need a virtual number to use the google voice feature, 2 are included in Premier.

If I have my number and 2nd number on "shared" I can add and pay for a 3rd number on a telo headset, but the issue I see is when someone calls me on my GV, it will ring to all the devices, so in that case I would need a 4th number (as it seems to get GV to work, I need that virtual number + a regular number on one device) Am I right? Is there another way?
#84073 by jason8612
Tue Jul 05, 2011 10:50 pm
a diagram

GV number -> telo unit only rings (answer with regular phone attached)
B number -> telo headset only rings
GV number -> telo unit only rings (answer/talk with bluetooth)
Mobile phone -> telo unit only rings (answer with regular phone immigration law)

Also, what happens when one person is on the line (lets say B number telo headset) and I want to make a call from the telo unit using a regular non ooma phone? If I pick up with I get a dial tone, or do I need to push buttons on the telo unit? Would I be able to listen in on the other conversation?
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#84349 by DHayesJr
Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:00 am
I have been able do most of what you have in mind - I have one number (Main Number) that will ring the Telo (Phone Jack connected to regular phones) and a second phone number (part of the Premier package) that I have assigned as a separate device apart from the Shared devices. When the first phone number is called, it rings only the shared devices; when the second phone number is called, it rings only the device assigned to that phone number. This 'non-shared' device must be a Telo Handset. My shared devices are the phones connected to the RJ jack plus a second Telo Handset.

I just recently added the Bluetooth so I can have my mobile phones ring my house phones, and so far I have only been able to get it to ring the devices connected to the Shared Devices. This works for me.

You don't need to get a third line just to get the separation between Phone numbers and Devices.

From reviewing you second post, it looks like the same senerio that I'm using, without the GV.

I think only two lines can be active at the same time. If one is active (busy), picking up on a telo handset will create a second connection (if the first line active is on a non-telo handset, the second must be a telo handset, otherwise picking up another "non-telo handset" is on the same line and you will hear the other active connection.)

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