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#83599 by 8107655835
Thu Jun 23, 2011 4:26 am
I have a cordless phone directly connected to the phone jack on the ooma unit that works fine , but when i plug the wall cable into the wall jack on the unit there is nothing anywhere else on any of the jacks , dead line...i have cut the cables going into the house , so there is no back feed from the outside going into the home....i tried a splitter with the cordless and the wall plug into the phone jack , but it went dead then for both lines....what am i missing?
#83600 by tomcat
Thu Jun 23, 2011 4:51 am
Plug your house wiring into the Ooma's PHONE jack. The WALL plug on the Ooma is only used for landline integration. In other words, you only use the WALL plug of the Ooma if you are using it with your existing landline.
#83610 by EA PA
Thu Jun 23, 2011 6:38 am
Edit XXXXXXXXXX - Attention person that was using telephone number for handle;

You do realize that you are advertising your telephone number to a very large audience don't you? It may be worthwhile to change your handle, (unless this number is your former angry bride :x that bankrupted you).

TC - better? :)
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