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Help setup: home distribution

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2011 3:49 pm
by 72and86
I've only got DSL from At&T now, Ive dropped the voice line. I have DSL web and Ooma is hooked up to my 2Wire Gateway Modem/Router.
All ooma lights are steady and blue, and a wired phone attached to the back gives me a dial tone and seems to recieve calls too. Now I want to hook up the rest of the house.
The wall near the DSL Modem?Router has ONE connect jack. Now how do I feed my whole house ooma? (The diagram to feed the whole house I've seen, doesnt account for the fact the wall jack phone cord provides the DSL signal to the modem/router with DSL.)
Broadband link details:
DSL Connection Details
DSL Line (Wire Pair): Line 1 (inner pair)
Protocol: G.DMT Annex A
Downstream Rate: 3008 kbps
Upstream Rate: 512 kbps
Channel: Fast

Help appreciated to feed the whole house oooma...

Re: Help setup: home distribution

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2011 3:58 pm
by lbmofo
Welcome to Ooma.

Since most homes' walljacks are wired with 2 pairs, I think the simplest is to get your DSL in the house via L2 at the NIB.
That way, you just need to worry about accessing L2 where your DSL modem is and all the rest of the house's L1 is available for your Ooma dialtone.

Take a look at this post to see if you can get the info needed: viewtopic.php?t=10261#p70916

Otherwise, let us know.