Porting from Verizon to Ooma made easy!

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Porting from Verizon to Ooma made easy!

Post by JoelG » Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:24 pm

I used Ooma long enough to know I wanted to make the switch. I had Verizon land line/DSL and didn't want to loose my phone number or my VN DSL connection.

I called Verizon billing and asked them to separate my DSL bill and put it on autopay. I had read on this forum as well as dslreports.com where this separation of DSL billing should create a dry loop, but couldn't find any follow-ups so I was a bit uncertain.

The short story is this worked perfectly and my port took place today without a hitch. Thought those in my same situation would like to know.

Now for those who like to know details, the following are the notes I made during the process:

Called Verizon billing dept. requesting separate billing for DSL service. When asked why I told her “for tax reasons” which is true though not critical (I didn’t offer to explain and she didn’t press). CSR said she would call back on 4/27 for confirmation.

11 AM Verizon CSR called with order confirmation # CICN224822XXXX for separation. Auto pay on my XXXX credit card. Said it may take 2 weeks to show on my Verizon web account page. Usage period ends the 7th of the month and billed on the 1st for DSL service. Will wait until I see the separate billing and new DSL phone #. Will check my account on web after the 7th of May and call on status if not showing.

2 PM My Verizon online account shows an account # 945400#### in addition to my regular phone # account. I haven’t noticed this before and it is not my Verizon Account # shown on my bills. Interesting. Hope it’s my newly created separate DSL account and dry loop #.

Email from Verizon:

Dear Joel,
Your Verizon High Speed Internet service is ready on your line ending in 9###. Billing on your account will begin now that your service has been activated.**

This email was disturbing and confusing mainly because it refers to my existing VN land line phone #. (In the end, no one seemed to know anything about this email and it had no effect on the process. Just one of those corporate auto-generated emails).

First called VN billing and she had no info on my request for separation of my DSL bill. Transferred to DSL billing department. Diane (user ID= ########) first told me the separation might take 2-3 billing cycles. I gave her the order confirmation # from 4/27. When I explained that I was considering porting my land line # she assured me that my DSL would automatically be converted to a “dry loop” and I would not loose service. She also offered me a $13/mo. DSL discount for 12 months which I agreed to. She assured me the discount did not involve any sort of contract.

11AM. Filled out number porting on Ooma web site. Purchased 1 year Ooma Premier for $99. $39 porting charge did not show on my account and the porting process showed that I had made application.

Verizon web site shows separate DSL account # RO0247#### for $43.19 due 5/31 autopay. This included $39.99/mo. plus a partial month of $3.19. My prior monthly cost was $31.99. I’ll be looking for my $13/mo discount on future bills.

Ooma emailed estimated port date of 6/1.

Called VN and confirmed I have Dry Loop DSL @ $39.99/mo with at $15/mo discount to be applied in future bills (2-3 cycles)

Ooma emailed confirmed port date of 6/1

Email from Ooma reminding me that porting will take place tomorrow…6/1

8:30 AM EDT, auto phone call from Ooma stating they will be testing my line
10:30 AM, EDT, auto phone call from Ooma stating they will be testing my line
12:47 PM EDT, email from Ooma stating port has completed. Instructed me to reboot my Ooma and once it reset to
call the newly ported number to confirm ring on Ooma. It worked fine.

Also, the Ooma email suggested I contact Verizon in a day or more to confirm cancellation of my account.

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Re: Porting from Verizon to Ooma made easy!

Post by JoelG » Fri Jun 10, 2011 10:55 am

BAD NEWS. Verizon has totally screwed up my DSL account. While it's true the separating my DLS bill from my phone bill created a dry loop and I didn't loose my DSL service when the VZ number ported, things are so messed up accounting wise I wonder if I'll ever get it fixed.

Really short story is VZ automatically creates a temporary dry loop when a number is ported and getting a good monthly price has caused all sorts of problems for me. Some CSR dropped my internet speed to the lowest possible which is almost unusable.

The only good news here is even at very low connection speeds (.77 mbps down, .12 mbps up) hasn't effected my Ooma quality at all

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