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#84062 by thusband
Tue Jul 05, 2011 7:26 pm
Good information. Thanks a lot. My understanding of QoS is a bit better.

I'm having a problem with rebuffering of Roku and streaming Netflix. I've played around with the QoS settings but I think my main problem is my ATT Uverse all-in-one modem/router. I can't place Ooma before this unit so it's between the modem/router and my PC. I'm beginning to think that I should dump ATT Uverse and go with Comcast internet only. At least that way the configuration would be a separate modem and router.

Any other thoughts on this?

Thanks again.
#84157 by trigger1937
Thu Jul 07, 2011 8:58 pm
Thanks Lightcycles,.... Your analysis sound good and I would love to hear something from Ooma tech center to confirm some of what you have shared. My problem is this all sounds like lier's poker,... where people have to "Fake" their bandwidth data to get the correct performance. If this becomes the rule,... how will Ooma Central ever figure out what settings they use in the firmware,...since everyone is making up their own numbers. I think all of us would be better off if Ooma gave us some hard number, if we use Speedtest to measure what we typically have, and then let Ooma tell us how much they will reserve to guarantee good QoS for one call at a time.

As far as the settings of 0/0 they don't work becuase 20% of nothing is not very much. For two months I had terrible service with Ooma and my DSL which was rated at 3.0 mbs dwn and 0.5mbs up, but actually was totally irratic and dropped more packets than you could believe. I won't list all the problems but you could search for my posts and find them, was just every kind you have heard of.

It all turned out to be the AT&T DSL line. When I got the Dry loop line they installed it at the central office to my old (disconnected FAX number) which had already been wired to the house, they had to do nothing. After months of phone calls, and a lot of yelling and finally after the 2nd telco lineman, I got a guy that really knew his business. He climbed several polls along the street in front of my house, disconneting a Bridge-TAP that had been put on the line 10 years ago. Basically my DSL line had about 1000' of open antenna picking up all kinds of noise. He tested the S/N level after fixing and the difference was 10db. After that my Ooma DSL service has been 99% QoS. At the 0/0 setting the other day I had one call that totally broke up on the uplink and as it turned out my wife was talking on the phone at the same time I was uploading 60MB of photo data to Costco,..which too a long time. I have since changed my up/dwn to match what my actual bandwidth data is and have had no problems. I also send a lot of emails that contain PDF files of 2-5MB and this eats up all of my upstream bandwith. I will say I am also worried about Ooma going out of business. I just don't see how their business model is going to make money,... and if they don't make money, I won't have a service. There are several other VOIP's that charge about $10-15 per month and I also hope they last. Right now none of them provide service in my mountain area.
#84158 by trigger1937
Thu Jul 07, 2011 9:09 pm
Had to add one more comment. My setup is a DSL line directly into my Motorola DSL-Modem-wireless-Router. It is an all in one and therefore Ooma is behind it. The Motorola had the VOIP QoS controls built in but their documentation is not written for people at my level. I think you need to be a network supervisor to understand the settings so I have not messed with them.

Right now I'm not having any phone calls, but one thing I did do was run another test. On the backside of the Modem is the LAN router which means that Ooma has to share the backside bandwith with everything on it. I have two PC's on eithernet in parallel with Ooma eithernet, and 1 laptop connected via wireless from the modem. This lan is rated at 100mbs and right now I transferring 300GB of data from one PC to another over the local network, so everything in and out of Ooma has to share with that. Seems to be working just fine,... since as this was going on I did another speedtest and I go 2.42Mbs down and 417kbs up with 0% drops and 99% QoS rating.

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