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2 line home office setup

Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2011 8:10 pm
by JoelG
I have a 2 line home office phone system with a 2 line base unit and three 2 line handsets. The base unit has Line 1 and Line 1/2 connecting phone jacks.

I just received my Ooma hub and Scout and they are working fine except for one small issue. Regardless of which of our phone lines we’re on, the hob and scout only show Line 1 as being in use. Specifically, when I’m on my phone line 1, the hub shows a solid red Line 1 (in use) and the scout line 1 blinks (busy). If I’m on my phone line 2, the hub show a blinking line 1 and scout solid line 1.

I’m not using any existing house phone lines in my Ooma setup.

Here’s my Ooma setup:

Hub is connected as per instructions with it’s Phone jack connected to my base unit Line 1.

The Scout sets on top on the hub, with Wall jack connected to Hub’s Wall jack. The Phone jack is connected to my base unit Line 1/2.

I have 2 Ooma phone numbers. The scout is designated as a Persona Device with the second number associated with it (my office number)

Everything works as I had hoped except neither the Hub or Scout ever show Line 2 as being in use. I realize this may sound picky and I’m not really obsessive compulsive (trust me), but I don’t think this is right and I’m wondering if I’ve got something configured wrong.

Any ideas?

Re: 2 line home office setup

Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2011 8:43 pm
by lbmofo
Is the 2nd number only ringing the phone connected to the Scout? If so, your setup is good.

The line numbers have nothing to do with phone numbers you have. It just means which one of your "instant" 2 lines you are on.

For example in a common setup, you connect a phone to the Hub and you connect a phone to the Scout. Either phone picked up will light up line 1, when a 2nd call comes in (this Premier feature works even with 1 single number assigned to Ooma), the phone that's not on a call will ring (phone on call will hear call waiting beep), line 2 light will be for the 2nd call coming in.

No matter how many phone numbers you have assigned to the Ooma device, even with private devices, you can have 2 max simultaneous calls going on.

Re: 2 line home office setup

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2011 4:17 am
by JoelG
Thanks for the response. After posting my question last night shut down and went to bed. While reading myself to sleep a light bulb went off in my head re my line 2 situation. That's when I figured out the Hub/Scout lines are just letting someone know that a line is in use, just like you said. And to make sure I put both lines in use and voila, line 2 on the Hub/Scout lights and blinks.

Thanks again. Now I need to figure out how to connect Ooma to my Dish Network receiver. Oh, and how to connect my fax machine so it too will work.

Re: 2 line home office setup

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2011 6:03 am
by lbmofo
As far as connecting your dish receiver to the Ooma dialtone.....If your landline is cancelled/dead, make sure you physically disconnect your house wiring from the telephone company at the NIB before you distribute your Ooma dialtone throughout the house.


Dish receiver and fax machines should be connected to the dialtone coming from the Hub.
When dialing out, use *99 prefix for fax and dish.