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#79594 by nancyrcol
Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:02 am
I'm new to this whole thing. I have my Ooma successfully installed behind my router and it's happy for the moment. I only have one phone with a phone jack in the house - it has two satellite handsets that we use in different rooms. While I'm waiting for my port, can I have this phone connected to my Ooma and my wall jack so I can use it with both numbers? This is what I have right now. Is it true that I will lose my Caller ID from the phone company while I wait? After the port, will I need to disconnect the phone line coming into the house like everyone talks about? There is only one other phone jack in the house and no phone in it at the moment but maybe there will be one in the future. Sorry if these are dumb questions, just want to make sure I'm set up right!
#79596 by nancyrcol
Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:19 am
Right now I have my phone going to the Telo and then the Telo to the wall port. I realize I don't need the wall port to be used to use the Telo itself but since I only have the one phone with a jack and need to still use my ATT number I need to have it connected to the wall until the port is complete, right? The both numbers mean the one I got from Ooma and my landline number that I have from ATT.
#79597 by lbmofo
Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:26 am
nancyrcol, seems you have signed up in standalone mode (you have a new Ooma number). In this mode, you don't need to connect Ooma's "wall" port to your walljack in the house.

Connect a phone to your Ooma to use your Ooma number; connect a separate phone to your walljack to use your AT&T landline number.

If you can forward your AT&T number to your Ooma number, great! Then you can do that and then just use the phone connected to your Ooma. Your outgoing calleird will show your Ooma number before you port your AT&T number to Ooma though.

To order number port, you have to go here:

After the number port is done, you don't have to do any disconnecting of your house wiring from the telephone company unless you want to use your house wiring to distribute your Ooma dialtone. If the phone connected directly to your Ooma meets your needs, then no further action is required.
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#79600 by nancyrcol
Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:36 am
lbmofo - I only have one phone with a phone jack - that's why I wanted to make sure that connecting it the way I have it is fine for me while I wait for the port to complete. I have already started the porting process. When that's done, I understand that I can disconnect from the wall jack but I also needed to know if I need to disconnect the line coming into the house as well. I might considering forwarding my number if I need to. Thanks!
#79601 by lbmofo
Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:44 am
That 1 phone you have, is that a 2 line phone? If 2 line phone, you can feed the phone both Ooma dialtone and landline dialtone.

If your question is if Ooma's wall port is connected to your house walljack, will you receive landline calls on the phone connected to your Ooma, the answer is no unless you are in landline integration mode (use your own number with Ooma) or your internet goes out.

Since I think you signed up in standalone mode (you got a number from Ooma when you activated), it is best to keep the 2 lines separate. Plug a phone in Ooma and plug another phone in your house walljack. If you only have 1 phone, then connect the phone to AT&T, do call forward (if you can do this) so that you can just use the phone connected to Ooma.

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