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#5734 by ScottS
Wed Apr 01, 2009 11:01 am
Is there a recommended VOIP speed test for ooma? I went to as I have seen it cited in this forum, but I am suspect of its results. I've run the test at my home (1.5 down and .5 up) and office (office has very good DSL service 4.1 down 1.0 up and I am within a block or two of AT&T Office), but both sites often give me a low "Quality of Service" score.

Does anyone have any input as to reliability of this site or what tests should be run?


#5739 by lohertz
Wed Apr 01, 2009 12:31 pm
Scott...The "Quality of Service" is your routers ability to stream packets of data quickly and efficiently.

When you have a low Quality of Service, it is not necessarily reflective of your ISP's ability to provide you with internet service.

More over, its your internal network's ability to provide LAN devices with internet service. There are many layers of routers and servers that connects all this stuff.

To improve this score... you will need to change the settings in the QoS engine in your router's setup.

My QoS score was barley above 10% when I first installed my network. Now it's consistently over 98%.

If you prefer a different site try

All are about the same, a java based programed to test connections.

#5741 by southsound
Wed Apr 01, 2009 12:42 pm
I have used when one of the ooma support folks had me check my speed. Just ignore the "We are sorry, but the NDT server is currently unavailable. Please check back later" message if it shows up and click the start button in the box below. Then after the test, you can click the statistics button and copy the info if needed.

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