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#5500 by Mike1
Fri Mar 27, 2009 12:24 pm
Installation question here hopefully someone can answer. I do not like the idea that you need a scout to plug in additional phones. But I do like the idea that you can check your voicemail from the scout This is really a key selling point.

I have had VOIP for 5 years with Packet8 and I plugged the modem into my house so that every phone in the house worked. Now I know you can also do this with the OOMA hub. But my question is Can I combine the phone line and the ooma scout port with a splitter and run them both through my house wirring? This way every phone in the house works and I would be able to check my email from a different room. Is this possible. I'm an engineer and I have a lot of people (In my group) that are interested at a company with 100k employees. Not that I can get everyone signed up but a success in the engineering world word usually spreads fast.


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