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#78895 by Ely
Sat Apr 09, 2011 6:45 am
tomcat wrote:
Ely wrote:Thanks tomcat, but if I connect the router to the internet port, then I cannot access the Telo setup page.

Sorry Ely. I was replying to Dwyne same time you were posting so I didn't see yours until I summited my post.

You will want to forward to your home port address which I believe (off the top of my head) is I have all my stuff turned off due to t-storms in our area. I can follow up later or someone else may be able to confirm in the meantime.


Now I can connect, I was lead to believe that I should add the router's assigned IP address instead, as per thunderbird's where he said:

"With a computer connected to one of your router LAN ports, type in the IP address that you have assigned to the Ooma device from you router. Mine is http://192.168.xx.199"

I'm being able to connect the to the Telo's setup page now, oh, for anyone reading this post the IP address to add on the rule (at least with my configuration) is actually: tomcat did his best by pulling that out of his head though, and it did help greatly, thanks so much!
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