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#75802 by dangerchen
Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:13 pm
Your ooma Network is Registering, please wait...
Internet: Connected
Ooma Core: Detecting...
Phone Line: Disconnected
Ooma Services
Phone Setup: We are waiting for your phone line to be configured for the ooma network
Second Line: Enabled
Voice Mail: Enabled

i am using static ip on the OOMA. it is behind a router.
I set up static ip under "network" and "advanced" It was working fine since September 2010. however, it suddently stop working. No matter what i put in the static ip, i can only access the router through ""

The red light on OOMA keep blinking red and i cant make calls/receive calls. I connect my laptop to the "Home Network" port. My laptop can access internet with no problem.

What should i do?
#75803 by thunderbird
Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:18 pm
The Internet is connected, so it's probably an Ooma problem.

First make sure you are using "Built-in" MAC Address.
a. Access your Ooma device “home port” by plugging in a network cable from the Ooma device’s “Home” port to a computer’s network card port. Sometimes you have to restart your computer after installing the network cable, so that a proper connection occurs.
b. Type in you browser address window and hit enter. The “Ooma Setup” window opens.
c. In the left hand Navigation window, select “Network”.
d. Under “Modem Port MAC Address”, select Use Built in:
e. Select the “Update button”.
f. Do a “cold boot” of the modem.
g. Do a “cold boot” of the Ooma device or Router, which ever device is next in line.
h. After the Ooma device or router cold boot, do a “cold boot” of the Ooma device or router, which ever device is next in line.

If it's still not working, call:

Customer Support
Phone: 1-888-711-OOMA (6662)
Monday-Friday 7am-7pm PST
Saturday-Sunday 8am-5pm PST

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