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#75289 by jstjohnz
Wed Feb 16, 2011 12:17 pm
I have had 2 lines through Vonage for several years, and they are killing me with their ridiculous fees. The problem is, I haven't been able to find any other VOIP provider that can handle my setup.

Basically I have a Panasonic multi-line phone system. When I was with the phone company, it was called call hunting. Basically, if someone calls on line 1 and it's busy, the call automatically rolls over to line 2. This is what I want, I only want to give out one number (line 1), and line 2 handles calls when line 1 is busy. Now Vonage can do this, that's why I've allowed myself to be held hostage by their ridiculous rates. The question is, can Ooma do this? Last time I checked, only Vonage had this capability. To me that's crazy, it's just software, and every business in the world that has more than one phone line uses this type of system, so my setup is hardly unique.

I have had a Ooma hub/scout system for a couple of years, but am just using it as an extra line, because, at least as of the time I got it, it couldn't do multi-line like I need to do. So, I'm hoping that this feature is now available and I can ditch Vonage once and for all.

Any suggestions appreciated. I am about to the point where I will forego the hunting feature just to get away from Vonage, but it just seems really strange to me that this isn't a standard offering.
#75296 by ntoy
Wed Feb 16, 2011 1:42 pm

Unfortunately we do not offer a hunt group feature which is what you are probably looking for.

With a hub & scout plus premier service, we offer the instant second line feature. When you are on line 1 & another call comes in, you will see line 2 ring on the scout phone allowing someone to pick up that call.

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