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#74808 by sheila205
Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:33 am
I bought the Ooma on an impulse at Costco. Set it up on our AT&T DSL line. We currently have AT&T phone and DSL and Comcast cable. Want to port number, called AT&T to get standalone DSL, and they are telling us they are not offering that in our area (Chicago) anymore. If we cancel our phone, they cannot give us standalone DSL - we would have to upgrade to Uverse and pay the $75 fee for new equipment and $20/month for at least one year ($180 cancellation fee).

Because it angers me to have to pay AT&T to remain their customer, I got rates from Comcast for adding internet. Looks like it's $20/month for first six months, then goes up to $35/month. We'd add this to our $150/month TV cost. If I do the Triple Play (Comcast voice/internet/cable), it's $204/month plus $75 in installation/activation fees.

Switching to Uverse would make our total communications bill (TV/phone/internet) around $175/month ($20+taxes for phone/internet +$135+taxes for cable). I could also port the number for the additional $40 to Ooma. From what I understand, the timing on this would have to be perfect in order to not lose the number while they cancel the DSL and start the Uverse.

Or I could just call the investment in Ooma a sunk cost and switch the whole thing to Comcast.

My hesitation on switching the whole thing to Comcast is twofold: 1) not sure of the quality of Comcast voice (the Ooma quality on our current DSL is very good); 2) worried about having all our eggs in the Comcast basket.

So two questions for you guys:
Can anyone help me with my concern #1 on the list (how is Comcast voice)?
Has anyone come up with a different solution for the AT&T conundrum if you've run into that?

One note: either one of these is a savings over what we currently have (not counting the opportunity cost of the hassle), so any switch makes sense in the long run.
#74810 by murphy
Thu Feb 10, 2011 12:04 pm
Double check that $35 per month for Comcast internet.
That sounds like their unpublished low speed offering which may be problematic for Ooma.
Normal Comcast internet here (SE PA) is $44.95 per month.

The phone companies that have have optical internet available are trying to get rid of DSL.
In fact they want to get rid of the copper phone lines completely.

Can you reduce the features of the AT&T phone to make the price bearable?
I have a Verizon land line for my alarm panel. It's their budget line.
It has no regional calling and no long distance calling (other than 800 calling).
Local calls are 7 cents each.

I'm not sure what you mean by "Comcast Voice" unless it's their phone service.
If you have Ooma you don't need that but the triple play may be cheaper than double play without phone service.
#74834 by lbmofo
Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:01 pm
I'd go with Cable internet. Usually, no issues with it working with Ooma unless your line condition is bad with noise and such. I am with cable internet. Much happier as far as speed; more expensive than DSL ($57 where I am) but worth it especially when you don't have to pay the phone company $40+ a month anymore.
#74950 by oom101
Fri Feb 11, 2011 11:34 pm
You're talking trouble here, but...
(make sure cable trial cancellation allowed)
Install the cable internet, connect up everything, and see how you like it with the Ooma and computers on cable.
Forward landline to Ooma number for inbound calls.

If you don't like it, go back to DSL. (make sure cable trial cancellation allowed)

If you are sure it's good, then port your number to Ooma.
After that completes, cancel the DSL if it is not already.

Later, order UVerse on trial with all of the rebates you can get if you keep it.
Move to UVerse, then when satisfied, cancel cable.
(not sure if there are restrictions on porting a number within 90 days of porting it or reversing port in any of these scenarios)

Total cost in time - weeks of your life.
Good Luck!

Or try working Park My Phone into the mix, or get a Tracfone and port your number there, but that might kill the DSL.

* Ask your telcompany if you can get a dry loop by porting your number away (Park My Phone or Ooma) without shutting down DSL account. This might play down different than asking for DSL only?
#75659 by sheila205
Mon Feb 21, 2011 8:22 am
Thanks everyone for the replies. Stupidly, I didn't take any of your advice. So after talking to AT&T again, they waived the $75 equipment charge and said essentially, what I should do from a timing standpoint is:

1) Submit the porting order (since the Ooma website says it takes 3-4 weeks)
2) Once I get the Ooma notice of the porting date, call to set up my new Uverse account for the day after the porting order
3) The porting order's execution will stop my current account, but DSL takes 5 days to disconnect, so I'd still have service (the phone would be disconnected right away, but I can live without the phone for a day)
4) The Uverse account would get set up (they have to do something to the line outside my home) and I'd be all set to run on Ooma with my old number

So that sounds great - right? Here's what happened:

1) I submitted the porting order and Ooma gave me a date ONE week later (not 3-4) for the porting
2) I immediately called AT&T to get set up on Uverse. They told me they couldn't get someone out to my home for 3 weeks (blamed the bad winter weather for pushing out installation schedules, which I believe to an extent - there were lots of lines down in our area)
3) I went back to Ooma, who said they can't move the porting date but I should ask AT&T to "freeze my account" until the date that I'm ready to move
4) I went back to AT&T who said there's no way they can "freeze my account" even if I ask once request to port the number to a different service is in (said it would be an FCC violation)

So there you go - a TWO week interruption in service when porting from AT&T to Ooma. I guess I won't be working from home at all (or streaming Netflix, or doing any of the other lovely things I pay to do on the internet).

Eventually, I know this will all work out, but I probably wouldn't have done this the same way and just wanted to warn anyone reading these boards that the Ooma porting process has problems and isn't as easy as the website makes it out. Also, don't trust the timing estimates - they are wrong and apparently nothing can be done to fix it.
#75703 by djscotty
Mon Feb 21, 2011 5:17 pm
OK I have this SAME situation so your situation you are just without your phoneline for two weeks? You were still able to keep your original number? This is the major thing Im worried about. I also called OOMA and they said that the porting might reject if my phone/dsl line are connected to the same phone line, but if they will let it go through Im tired of arguing with ATT drying to get a dry loop line and pay 200.00 if ooma would just port it over and then I can sign up for new ATT service. Unfortunately ATT is only internet service provider in our area. Any suggestions?
#75715 by oom101
Tue Feb 22, 2011 12:44 am
Porting is not an Ooma problem, except that many people port when they buy it or switch to any other carrier.
It is good to let others know how this works, though.

The porting process was instituded by Congress, and each number that is ported is entered into a national database (NPDB) that tells carriers to look for the phone number with a certain carrier. Each carrier might have delays in completion, and the time frame is quoted on possible time required, etc.
They are right. You cannot stop it unless somthing is wrong such as your number was stolen without your permission, or moved by mistake, etc. I cancelled a port order in the middle once (from the receiving end), because it was a port of a ringmaster number (second number on same line) and I thought it was tasking too long to move the number to Sprint, and I thought it had failed. It was just "hung". I had been told it could not be done, and I had to use the address of the Bellsouth Central Office to do it, but...
Sprint showed the number as ported, and was using it on my cell, but Bellsouth had not completed the port, and assigned it to a customer in the original central office area where the number was originally. I discovered that when calling from within that area, I got their new house, but everywhere else it went to my cell phone. I filed a complaint with, and a Bellsouth VP from Atlanta called me (FCC complaints get action, but take 30-60 days). He said that the port had been cancelled in progress, but Bellsouth had to take those people's good number away that they thought they had for a month or more (new checks, all their friends, businesses, credit cards, oh boy), and complete my port, which they did.

Sorry for the long post, but looks like the equipment charge was waived because he was going DSL to UVerse, and he got a good agent, and was probably nice to them, even though he had problems.
That might work if switching from cable to UVerse, but in his case they could verify his situation since it was within ATT.
ATT likes you to go UVerse.
Also, if it is a new UVerse area, I was offered free install previously, but did not take it at the time, and it is no longer available since the launch in my area is over now. It lasted maybe 6 months.
Good Luck!
#75751 by sheila205
Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:37 am
@djscotty - I talked to three different people at AT&T (three different days). The first one "couldn't do anything about the $75 fee". The second person offered me a $50 visa gift card to help offset the upgrade price. The third one flat out got the fee waived without my even asking (I described to her exactly what I was doing: porting my phone number to a different service and since I wanted to keep my internet with AT&T and couldn't get standalone DSL, converting to Uverse). I don't know if it was just getting the right person or timing - the last person I talked to was on the day before the porting was taking place (and nothing could stop it). In any case, you should definitely ask for them to waive the fee. I didn't ask for a manager or anything - it was the first person who picked up after the robot.

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