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#74446 by catkendig
Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:05 pm
Just set up my telo with a landline integration. All seems to be working fine except that incoming caller ID is not working. Most of the time it shows UNKNOWN. Some of the time, it shows a couple of the numbers from the incoming phone number. The dashboard looked to be recording the number properly at first, then stopped and is showing exactly the same thing as what's on my handset. I'd appreciate some help troubleshooting this. I MUST have this landline integration until I port my number since I run my business from this number (and I'd like a little time to test this thing out before committing to that). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
#74447 by southsound
Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:15 pm
The problem you describe (as well as a few others) is caused by using landline integration and will go away after your number is ported. Many of us do not recommend landline integration because of these problems and the fact that you will never really know how well ooma works in your environment until you have completed the port. One way around the problems is to call ooma and get a temporary ooma number - then use your landline's call forwarding function to forward the calls to your new ooma number. Incoming and outgoing calls will be using the ooma and you can tell what is really going on - and you will not have some of the problems I talked about above. The only downside is that outgoing calls from your ooma will show the temporary number as CID.

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