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#73885 by jose969
Fri Jan 28, 2011 1:47 pm
I'm trying to hook up the Ooma Telo the way it says to. To hook it up after the modem and then hook up the router. When I do I have service to the Telo, but I have no internet going to my wireless router. So, I have to hook it up after the router instead. This degrades my service and my calls are bad. I'm trying to figure out how to hook it up after the modem like it says and have internet access. Any help would be great. Thanks

#73889 by murphy
Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:22 pm
Turn the Telo, modem and router off.
Connect a LAN cable from the modem to the Internet port of the Telo.
Connect a LAN cable from the Home port of the Telo to the Internet (WAN) port of the router.
Turn on the cable modem on. If the modem has builtin telephone support press the reset switch on the back.
Wait until the modem syncs up with your ISP.
Turn on the Telo.
Wait until it completes it's startup sequence.
Turn on the router.
Wait until it completes it's startup sequence.
From a computer connected to the router go to
Select the network tab in the left column.
Select the radio button that says "Use the internal MAC address.
Click the Update button.
If you have internet access, you are done.
If you don't have internet access, turn the modem off (or press it's reset button).
Turn the modem on.
#73987 by jose969
Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:07 am

I did what you said and I still have no internet access afterwords. I'm not sure why it won't work. I have phone, but no internet. Can you think of anything else that I need to try or do?
#73988 by thunderbird
Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:25 am
Another option:
Try moving the Ooma device to connect to one of your router LAN ports. Connect nothing to the Ooma Home port.
Reconnect the router directly to the modem.

Reboot Modem, than Router, then Ooma.
#73989 by jose969
Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:32 am

That's how I have it setup right now. But this setup is not the best because when I use the Internet while I'm on the phone, the connection is all brokenup. It doesn't sound good. I want the best setup that will get me clear calls and let me use the Internet at the same time.
#73990 by thunderbird
Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:02 am
Reserve an IP address in your router for the Ooma device.
Put the reserved Ooma device IP address in your router's DMZ.
These actions should help to clear up your QoS problems.
Be sure to reboot everything when you are done.
#74329 by thunderbird
Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:13 pm
Ooma device connected behind (on LAN side of) Router

IP address for you Ooma Telo
Belkin’s Instructions:
Using your PC, click Start, Run, then type CMD and Enter.
At the command prompt, type IPCONFIG and Enter.
Write down the numbers for the following:

PC’s IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway

Think of a new IP address for your Ooma and write it down. An easy way to pick an address is to add 1 or subtract 1 to/from the last number of your PC's IP address recorded above. For example, if your PC's IP address is, choose for your Ooma device.
If the address is taken by another device on your network, just subtract 1 from the PC’s IP address recorded above, (or choose the next IP number).
Next enter the numbers in your Ooma device as instructed below.

Configuring you Ooma Device:

1. Temporarily access your Ooma device’s home port by plugging in a network cable from the Ooma device’s home port to a computer’s network card port. Sometimes you have to restart your computer after installing the patch cable, so that a proper connection occurs.
2. Type in you browser address window and hit enter. The “Ooma Setup” window opens.
3. Ooma device setup:
a. In the left hand “Navigation” window, click on “Network”.
b. Under “Navigation Settings” – than “Network Connection” click on the down arrow. Select “Static IP Address”.
c. Skip “PPPoE Options”
d. Go to “Static IP Options”
e. At “IP Address” enter the IP address that you chose from Belkin’s Instructions above.
f. At “Net Mask’ enter the “Subnet Mask” numbers that you recorded above.
g. AT “DNS Server 1” enter the “Default Gateway” numbers that you recorded above. (Probably
h. AT “DNS Server 2” enter nothing.
i. AT “Router Address” enter the “Default Gateway” numbers that you recorded above. (Probably
j. Under MODEM Port MAC Address” select “Use Built in:”
k. At the bottom click on “UPDATE”.
l. Restart you Router.
m. When the Router is finished starting, Restart you Ooma device.
4. Place the Ooma device Static IP address in you Router’s DMZ.
a. Open a Web Browser on the computer. Type in to open your Router’s Setup Utility page.
b. In the address bar of the Web Browser type Click Login in the upper right hand corner of the page. The router does not ship with a password, so just click submit.
c. Click on DMZ under Firewall in the menu on the left
d. Enter the IP address that you entered in your Ooma device.
e. Click the Apply Changes button
f. Restart you router and Ooma device again.

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