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#71707 by briand
Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:28 am
Today is my port date. My old phone isn't working anymore so I figure that it is in progress.

I went here: and looked up my old phone number (to be ported) and it says its owned by Choice One communications which I know is one of Ooma's carriers. My phone is still dialing out with the temp number though. I connected the wall jack to the "wall" port on the back of the box but none of the other phones in the house are getting a dial tone. If I connect to the "phone" jack I get the dial tone in the other phones again just with the temp number.

Is this normal?
#71709 by southsound
Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:45 am
Sometimes a port can take several hours to complete so I would not be too concerned until later today. You might want to unplug your ooma for 30 seconds then plug it in again - it will pull a new configuration from ooma's servers and may start working with your ported number.

The WALL jack on your ooma will not be used to supply dialtone. If you have a hub, it can be used to supply access (using HPNA networking) to the scout - but with the Telo, it is to be left empty. The other use for the WALL jack is for the dreaded landline integration. You can guess my opinion on that technology by reading my signature. :P

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