Need help getting 2 line to work and also...

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Need help getting 2 line to work and also...

Post by CjC3400 » Sun Dec 19, 2010 10:05 am

I am a very satisfied long time user looking to expand my capabilities and also get closer to 100% reliability. I have Ooma Hub/Scout and a Panasonic 2 line Dect 6 phone. I am a Premier Lifetime member. There are likely 2 distinct issues here I think:

1) I have the Hub in my home office. It is "behind the router/firewall" as my router and cable modem are in the closet and there is no phone line in that closet which is currently available. I know this is not ideal and occasionally we get dropped calls and I suspect this setup is the cause of the dropped calls?? I am still generally satisfied but my wife has said it is increasingly dropping calls so I believe it is time to get this fixed now. Especially since....

2) I am about to get a door entry system that is supposed to utilize my second line to ring my phones so I can speak to anyone at door and buzz them in as well. I am not too far along here but I know step one is to get my 2 line phones functioning properly. I have some A/V guys who will handle the door/buzzing, but they have run out of tolerance for Ooma so I need to get Ooma in line before they get involved.

As far as #2 above - the second line - I have read that I should simply hook my scout up to the hub and poof there is my second line. I saw one guy draw a giant diagram with different systems/splitters and ultimately it did not match my configuration enough to help me. My hub is connected to the phone jack in the wall at my office. I only have one wall jack at that location only. Am I supposed to split this line and send one into the back of my scout and another into back of my hub and then connect? Is there a way to piggyback them? Or do I need someone to add a new wall jack for a second physical line at this spot? Presumably the hub and scout each have a phone wire going from their "wall" jack into the wall? Then I would connect the "phone" jack on the back of the scout to the "home" jack on the back of the hub? The hub has "USB", "wall", "phone", "modem" and "home" jacks. The scout has "wall" and "phone" jacks. What do I need to do to get this to work? A diagram or simple instructions would be much appreciated.

For the first issue, I have read some suggest "homeplug" as a potential solution to my router/modem issue. But all I have seen is link to their general website without much of a hint on the practical application of it. Maybe I need a new phone jack (or 2?) at the router/modem and should move the hub and scout there (?) and that would take care of both my issues(?) There seem to be a few ways to go and I am struggling a bit/don't want to start adding jacks everywhere for no reason...

Not sure where to go from here on both of these issues so some shared experience/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Need help getting 2 line to work and also...

Post by murphy » Sun Dec 19, 2010 10:33 am

It's unclear (to me) but if you plan to sit the hub and scout in the same location, run a phone wire directly from the wall port of the hub to the wall port of the scout. It doesn't have to go to your building wall jacks.
Your house may already be wired for two lines. IF it is you can plug an L1, L2, L1+L2 adapter into the building wall jack. Connect the hub's phone port to L1 and the Scout's phone port to L2. Plug your two line phone into L1+L2. All other jacks in your house should have both lines available by plugging a two line phone into them.
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Re: Need help getting 2 line to work and also...

Post by CjC3400 » Fri Dec 24, 2010 9:17 am

Thanks for the help. I think I need some additional phone wiring for line 2 is the issue. Is there a way to check my existing wiring? Can the phone co actually help me here? I am still running a physical phone co line for my alarm. I think I got a bit confused because in some spots I read about how the Ooma premier line 2 is a "virtual line 2" and so I have been uncertain as as to its physical presence. Indeed it seems to have a physical presence. Thanks again

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Re: Need help getting 2 line to work and also...

Post by lbmofo » Sat Dec 25, 2010 10:44 am

How is your Hub connected to the router when your router is in the closet and your Hub is in the office?

Are you using landline integration mode? Your Hub's "wall" port is connected to your telephone wall plate? ie, you are using your landline number to work with your Ooma?

If not (your Ooma number is different than your landline number), when you say your Hub is connected to phone jack in the wall, are you distributing your Ooma dialtone throughout the house this way so other jacks in the house gets Ooma dialtone?

Your door entry it the kind that needs a 2nd line to call your 1st line? Numbers associated with same main Ooma device can not call each other (goes directly to voicemail). So, it would be better to have a door entry system that intercepts your phone line vs one that needs a 2nd line. If you are in landline integration mode and if the door entry system is the "intercept" kind, just have the installer intercept your landline coming into the house (they recommend putting the intercept after the alarm system though).

If you are distributing Ooma dialtone on a different wire pair than the landline, and you want the door entry system (that "intercepts") to work with phones connected to your Ooma dialtone, then you'll need your Ooma to feed the door entry system directly via a dedicated wire pair (have the door entry system be the first device connected to your Ooma dialtone).
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