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#71173 by devdevil85
Sun Dec 19, 2010 10:04 am

First time posting.

I have two lines: one home [via cable modem to distribution patch panel], one for my business [via landline directly to my fax machine and then to my office phone]

I am ready to go Ooma and was wondering what the cheapest method would be to provide in/outbound calling for both my home and business numbers, as well as provide faxing capability for the business number.

Rather than pay for the Premier Service with a Hub/Scout combo, wouldn't it be possible (and cheaper) to just go with two Hubs? I don't need all of additional features of the Premier Service.

[Hub #1 = port Home number and connect to distribution patch panel to all home phones] + [1 Scout in Master Bedroom to provide easy access to VM]
[Hub #2 = port Business number and connect to phone line] + [1 Scout in Office Room to provide easy access to VM]

Is anyone else doing the same thing to get around the Premier Service?

#71178 by murphy
Sun Dec 19, 2010 10:45 am
That will work and is probably your only route since you can't connect a fax machine to a Scout.

The advantage Premier provides is the instant second line (not to be confused with a second phone number). With just two phone numbers, one for each hub, you could have 4 calls in progress (2 on each number) at the same time. You would need phones connected to the scouts to achieve this.
#71179 by devdevil85
Sun Dec 19, 2010 10:51 am
Yeah, I don't make calls very ofte, so essentially I would want the calls to forward to my cell phone since I'm out in the field moreso than at home, so the Instant Second Line wouldn't apply, correct?

Also, yeah, I was going to have it go from the Hub -> Fax Machine -> Scout -> Office Phone

Is that the right way to do it?
#71182 by murphy
Sun Dec 19, 2010 11:03 am
Actually it is:

hub phone port ----> FAX
hub wall port ---> Scout wall port
Scout phone port ---> office phone

You will get better phone audio quality with the following

hub phone port ---> FAX ---> office phone
hub wall port ---> scout wall port
Scout phone port ---> (unused)

You can't talk and receive or send a FAX at the same time.
The scout is used as a second voice mail access station.
Most FAX machines have an incoming and an outgoing phone jack.
#71185 by devdevil85
Sun Dec 19, 2010 11:39 am
Ok. Here is my location situation: everything is down in the basement. ISP connection, modem, router/switch, patch panel, etc.

I only have one run up to my office from the basement. Based on what you said, for me to use the Scout as well as use my Fax Machine and Office Phone I would need two separate runs from the basement which just isn't possible for me to do so I guess I'll have to eBay the Scout since no room in the house has two separate runs going to it that I could use (1 for Wall port & 1 for Phone port). The only way the Scout would work in my case it seems would be to be right next to the Hub which is in the basement.

I guess if all of my calls are left on my cell anyway since all calls would be forwarded then the scout really wouldn't be necessary for my business, but for the home I will need to call the home number and listen to them that way.

Thanks for the help murphy.
#71199 by devdevil85
Sun Dec 19, 2010 12:53 pm
I just read another post: ... 65&start=0
"Don't be afraid to use the splitter to connect the OOMA Wall and Phone port to your existing house jack. This will allow you to connect the Scout to any phone jack in the house to get your Voice Mail. I have mine set up this way and love it."

I forgot that I do have another telephone jack in my office on the opposite side of the one I am currently using. I will just use the splitter to allow me to use the Scout on the open jack for VM access, and the other jack at my desk for the Fax Machine/Printer and office phone.

Hopefully this helps others with the same situation as mine.

I also don't think my question was fully answered so I'll ask it again with the hope that it can be clarified further:

What would be the cheapest method in order to provide a second line for my business phone in the house via Ooma? Premier or a second Ooma Hub?


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