Ooma basic - 2 lines are setup, now porting old #

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Re: Ooma basic - 2 lines are setup, now porting old #

Post by EricJRW » Wed Dec 29, 2010 8:44 am

devdevil85 wrote:
kb7735 wrote:Okay, I called, here's the scoop.

If I do the port and only maintain Ooma basic, line C will become my one and only phone #.

I will loose line A and B (though they will maintain it under my name for 2 months in case I change my mind, after that it goes back into the available pool).

Line C also becomes my login ID.
Wouldn't you be better off just getting another Hub and port Line B to it versus having a monthly/yearly cost of Premier if all you need is the basic features?
That's actually a pretty good idea!
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