If Gvoice = primary, can Ooma # Be called Direct?

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If Gvoice = primary, can Ooma # Be called Direct?

Post by jgreg » Sun Nov 21, 2010 6:54 am

Still installing and becoming familiar with the system Have Premier with Ooma handset and 6 phones plugged into the base at the Phone outlet. Have a second line with another Ooma handset enroute. Read about Google Vmail Extension and subscribed for a Google number which rings my Ooma number. I have done nothing with the second Ooma line and number.

Q1) If a caller dials my Ooma rather than the Google number, will Google be by-passed altogether?
Q2) When the 2nd handset arrives, I assume all I'll need to do is activate it like I did the 1st which will then permit me to use the same 6 standard phones for either line? Or will that 2nd number ring only on that 2nd handset?

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Re: If Gvoice = primary, can Ooma # Be called Direct?

Post by southsound » Sun Nov 21, 2010 7:47 am

If you use Google Voice you can do it one of two ways - either with Google Voice Extensions for Premier or what I call "naked" Google Voice. Some of the others can tell you about the virtues of GVE but I chose not to use it for several reasons. I use my GV "naked." I wanted to have two ooma phone numbers without paying anything more than my Premier fees - with GVE you need to either purchase a 3rd virtual number or have ooma provision your second number as a GV virtual number. Bleah.

Also, I needed two GV numbers - one for personal calls and one for our non-profit corporation. I set my ooma numbers to ring differently - first number normall ring, second number two short rings. That way we can tell what line is ringing and answer it appropriately from any phone (I guess that answered another of your questions). I point the first GV number to my first ooma number and the non-profit's GV number to the second ooma number.

Here is the only disadvantage I can find - without GVE your ooma will send the caller ID that is associated with your ooma box - it will not send your GV number. With GVE, it will send the Google Voice number.

As to question 2, as long as you keep both numbers "shared" they will ring on all connected devices.
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