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#358 by Leila
Mon Jul 28, 2008 6:46 pm
Hi. I'm a new Ooma user as of today. I haven't installed it yet because I'm not quite sure how to do something. Presently, I have a VOIP service. I have a cable modem. It is then connected to something called a Sunrocket gizmo (actually it's called an "InnoMedia" device).

That device is connected to my router and it is also connected to my telephone.

When I signed up for Ooma, I was told that I could temporarily keep my current VOIP service so that I can get incoming phone calls to my regular phone number.

I want to try out the Ooma system with my temporary telephone number and use it to make outgoing calls. So until my number is ported over to Ooma, I'll have two different phone service.

Could anyone please help me with how my cables should be connected?

(Note: using the quickstart guide, I was planning on using OPTION B, which is for a modem connected to a router.)

Thanks so much,
#359 by Mojo
Mon Jul 28, 2008 8:08 pm
Hi Leila,

Just to be clear, your connection topology looks like:

(modem) -- (innomedia device) -- (router)

The easiest way to get up and running is just to plug ooma directly into your router. Typically routers will have several open ports on the back that you can plug PCs and other devices (like ooma) into.

If your router has open ports, take the Ethernet cable and plug in the MODEM port of the ooma hub into one of the free ports of the router.

This setup looks closest to Option C in the quickstart guide (on page 5), but you don't need to plug the computer into the HOME port.

Afterwards, you should see the ooma Hub blink red for a minute or two and then turn blue. Shortly after turning blue, it'll download the latest firmware, and you may see it reboot afterwards (as long as you are not on a call).

Next, just plug in your phone into the "PHONE" port and you should be good to go for making and receiving calls.

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