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#52328 by Bobby B
Mon Apr 05, 2010 3:24 pm
Ooma Telo 35862 Release Notes

This version will be rolled out to Telos sometime this week:

  • Fixed several on-board QoS bugs
  • Updated Telo Handset Address book number formatting
  • Fixed Telo Handset "Back" soft key for unregistered handsets
  • Fixed Telo Handset issue with speed dial of voicemail doesn't place the call in speaker mode when speaker mode is active.
  • Added Telo Handset contact list syncing with My Ooma - To sync your My Ooma contacts, press "Menu->Service Settings->Sync Config" Contact lists are automatically synced on a Telo reboot. Update 4/13: Contacts aren't enabled for all Telos on 35862 yet. We're working on a configuration parameter update to enable the feature for all Telos on this release.

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