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#560 by Bobby B
Mon Sep 08, 2008 10:57 pm
Several updates and enhancements were applied to the ooma System:

ooma Devices

ooma devices have been upgraded to support ooma Core and ooma Premier services. ooma Premier services will have access to all features of the ooma system. ooma Core will find the following interface and service features to be disabled:

1. Envelope (Send-to-Voicemail) Button
a. Do not Disturb
b. Sending a ringing call to voicemail
c. Sending an active call to voicemail
2. Instant Second Line (ISL)
3. Message Screening (listening to callers leaving a message)
4. Conferencing
5. Personal Numbers
6. Distinctive ring patterns

Known issues:

#4094: Pressing the envelope when listening to a new message will not save the message - instead the button will blink. However, the message will be saved if played through to the end.
#4096 & #4097: Pressing the Send-to-Voicemail button during an incoming or active call will cause the envelope button to blink indefinitely.

ooma Website

1. The front page of the ooma Website has been revamped.
2. Added two new pages dedicated to international minutes and ooma's business.

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