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#98730 by Bobby B
Mon Aug 06, 2012 1:33 pm
Ooma Telo 60080 Release Notes

8/13/2012 Update: The roll out to this version has been delayed a bit - we'll update this post when the new release is going to be rolled out.
8/14/2012 Update: This is currently being rolled out to the field. Note that the version number has changed from 60118 to 60080.

  • Various improvements to
  • Fix bug to not block callerid on N11 calls like 411 [2275]
  • Add option to disable the DECT transmitter [6891]
  • Fix bug where Telo may stop producing dial tone [9649, 12559]
  • Fix lock up of HS in reminder ring scenario [10141]
  • Add a configuration option to disable reporting of inbound DTMF to the phone port [10232]
  • Advance on first route both the transcoder and gateway on receipt of 100 Trying and no progress in 10 seconds [10402]
  • Fix bug where sound effects may stop working when idle [10689]
  • Also turn the top 3 LED blue when unplugging the internet port áfter Telo has gone into service [10958]
  • Only enable QoS for external calls, not intercom calls [10960]
  • Turn off MWI when pausing the system during message playback [11021]
  • Disable the call waiting beep when making a *99 fax call [11235]
  • Disable call waiting caller-id when receiving a fax call [11236]
  • Fix dialing *67 and *82 using bluetooth enabled DECT phones [11279]
  • Fix bug where a private HS creates CDRs for calls received on a shared number [11286]
  • Turn off MWI when accessing Google Voice using the Telo keypad [11297]
  • Fix bug where the remote may not properly receive digits pressed on the Telo [11318]
  • Add support for reminder ring for holds done by pressing the active line button [11375]
  • Change the duration after which to drop a call on hold from 1 to 5 minutes [11379]
  • Fix several stability issues found in load testing [11432, 11740, 11745, 12416]
  • Add a double flash gesture to initiate a 3-party conference [11559]
  • Support speak version (*#*#001) when sounds effects are off (*#*#511) [11677]
  • Fix bug to generate CDRs for calls received when DND is enabled [11762]
  • Fix HS to display French letters with accents correctly [11809]
  • Fix bug where call waiting may cause Telo to get into bad state [11977]
  • Fix bug where the wrong area code is prefixed when dialing 7 digits from a secondary virtual number [12015]
  • Fix bug that may cause Telo to crash when quickly adding/deleting bluetooth devices [12199]
  • Fix bug to release the line in a route advance scenario [12234]
  • Improve the efficiency of PureVoice control handling [12378]
  • Fix wireless to accept keys other than key1 on a hidden WEP network [12461]
  • Enhance the call announcement mechanism [12462]
  • Fix bug to ignore envelope push when dialing own number to check voicemail [12520]
  • Fix call routing to be same with caller-id blocked or not [12564]
  • Change Telo to provide instant ringback while waiting for call completion [12745]
  • Fix crash when making a *15 call using less than 11 digits [12775]
  • Fix bug where HS may not return to the idle screen when using *15 [12830]
  • Fix to stop some front panels from producing ghost key presses [12840]
  • Fix fast forward and rewind when listening to voicemail in keypad mode [12876]
  • Fix bug where SSIDs with an apostrophe cannot be added [13009]
  • HS may not go idle on line 2 when using *15 [13108]
  • Further reduce likelihood of Telo detecting a digit in the speech stream [13130]
  • HS not returning to idle screen after remote hangs up on reminder ring [13168]
  • Default MAC address behavior is now built-in for new installs [13217]
  • Fix problem where voicemail may not play over the Telo speaker [13291]
  • Fix bug to generate CDRs for calls intercepted after they roll to voicemail [13529]
  • Only request changes when updating the Telo addressbook [13556]
  • Fix bug where under load the FXS may stop ringing [13575]
  • Fix issue where myooma stops showing new call logs if the caller-ID number has a special character [13590]
  • Fix stuck sessions that result from sometimes using *99 on the phone port [13865]

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